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Autumn Term 1A

Weeks 5, 6 & 7


All of Key Stage One have had an incredibly busy few weeks preparing for the Harvest Festival. We’ve been learning our class song, complete with BSL actions and have been practicing using our performance voices ready to show all of the grown ups our harvest poem. We hope that everyone who joined us in church on Thursday enjoyed our performance and was able to see just how hard we had been practicing!

Harvest Festival 2017

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There will be a few changes to how homework is set after half term, alongside some other changes to Key Stage One which will be revealed shortly after we return!

Over the half term break, the homework remains as it has been for the past term. Daily reading and spelling practice with one weekly task. Please ensure that your child continues to complete their daily reading and spelling through half term as this will ensure greater levels of success when we come back to school! 

For the weekly task over the break, I have set a writing task. Every child has a ‘senses’ planning sheet. I would love to hear about one of the places you visit over half term, whether that’s a holiday somewhere exotic or a simple trip to the park! While you are there, talk about what you can see, hear, smell, feel and taste - question each other and make some notes. We have completed a similar task in class which we then turned into a simple poem. I would really like to see some work inspired by this when we return!



Have you seen our lanterns? This term we have been designing and making some of the equipment that explorers may have used in the past and these were a big task for us! It has taken a lot of focus and perseverance to work through all of the designing, cutting, folding and sticking needed for a successful lantern. All of the children should be very proud of their hard work!

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Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
We have also spent some time acting out significant moments from Sir Ernest Shackleton’s expeditions. Can you tell what is happening in each scene?
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Picture 2
Picture 3
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Picture 5
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We also got a chance to do some artwork in our final Forest School session this term. Please have a look at our Forest School page for more information on what we get up to there!
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I hope that you all have a fantastic (and restful!) half term break and are excited for what we have coming next! See you all in a week!

Week 3 and 4

We’ve had another busy couple of weeks here in Key Stage One!


In English, we’ve been planning our own stories. The children have created their own characters for their own story and planned the plot on a story mountain. On Friday, we stepped them out and improved our sentences before retelling them to the class. All of the children who performed their story in front of the group did incredibly well and should be very proud of themselves! 


In Maths, we’ve been looking at addition. The children have been working hard on their perseverance and resilience skills with this, with Mojo helping us to remember not to give up! Please encourage your child to keep practising this at home. A good website to use in place of the physical diennes blocks: https://www.coolmath4kids.com/manipulatives/base-ten-blocks


Maths - week 3&4

Maths - week 3&4 1
Maths - week 3&4 2
Maths - week 3&4 3
Maths - week 3&4 4
Maths - week 3&4 5
Maths - week 3&4 6

We’ve also been getting stuck in to our topic work! We’ve learnt lots about Sir Ernest Shackleton and why he is significant. We have also been doing some artwork based on the Antarctic and beginning to get ready for the Harvest celebrations. 


Art - week 3&4

Art - week 3&4 1
Art - week 3&4 2
Art - week 3&4 3
Art - week 3&4 4
Art - week 3&4 5
Art - week 3&4 6
Art - week 3&4 7
Art - week 3&4 8
Art - week 3&4 9
Art - week 3&4 10

Our main focus for the past two weeks has been on improving our learning behaviour. We have been working on showing good listening, focus, perseverance and teamwork. This is to ensure that we are always trying our best and to become independent learners. We are continuing to work with Mojo and have been doing lots of activities to practise these skills. 

You can find a good post on how you can support this at home here: https://www.goodenufmommy.com/2015/10/the-power-of-yet-5-ways-to-encourage.html


Here are some photos of us working on these skills:

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6
Picture 7


Week 1 & 2



For the first part of the Autumn Term we will be looking at Lost and Found by Oliver Jeffers. We have created a class story map which has helped us to remember the story when we are retelling. We have been working hard to make our story retellings even more exciting than the story itself by adding in exciting description.

You can also watch a version of the story here -


Lost and Found




So far we have been looking very closely at the value of numbers and the different ways that we can show this. 

We have been particularly looking at how we can show tens and ones using diennes and how we can use this knowledge to help us order and compare numbers. 

This website is a useful way to practise this at home, especially as we begin to work with addition -




We have been learning all about the differences in the seasons in the Antarctic! Ask us about what we have been learning, especially about when it is light and dark there. We found that very interesting!

We have also started learning about penguins and how they have adapted to live in such a cold place! We even got to watch some Humboldt penguins being fed live from Cotswold Wildlife Park. They have a livestream in their penguin enclosure if you would like to see more of what they are getting up to!