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Autumn Term 1B

Week 13!

What a crazy couple of days! I hope that everybody had an amazing start to the week in the snow! It has been lovely to hear all about the sledding and snowmen we have all been making!

I want to say a big thank you to everyone who was able to rearrange their schedules and make it to our slightly altered performance times! The children did excellently and should all be very proud of themselves. 

Following this, we've spent our last few days of term getting into the Christmas spirit! We have made and written Christmas cards and baked some very yummy Christmas shaped cookies. In doing this, we had to make sure we followed a recipe and measured our ingredients very carefully. I was so impressed with our measuring skills!


Here are a few photos from our activities!

Week 12!

Key Stage One have been working incredibly hard on their Nativity this year and can't wait for all of you too see it. We've been learning lines, actions and songs for such a long time and it is fantastic to see it all coming together. 


Here are some photos from Friday's dress rehearsal!

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Week 11!


We've had another slightly strange week here in KS1!

We were on the radio on Tuesday, talking about everything that we have been learning about this term and asking a fantastic homework question! If  you missed it, you can catch up here on the BBC Radio Oxford iPlayer: http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p05m1088


We also had a visitor in this week to plant some apple trees for us. This was very special and some very lucky KS1 children were able to help with the planting! We can't wait to see how big these trees grow and hopefully use some of their apples for pressing next year!


On Monday of this week, Miss Hodgkins overheard some fantastic singing happening in our music lessons! We're busy getting ready for the nativity at the moment and the songs are sounding fantastic! There were even some very brave children who were having a go at singing some solos! These sounded amazing and I was so impressed at the way everyone was brave enough to have a go!


I have also been incredibly impressed with our newspaper writing this week! All of the children have been working so hard to write their factual, accurate reports and they are brilliant! We've definitely got some future journalists in here! 


In Maths, we have been recapping our addition skills. Everybody is feeling much more confident than they were at the very beginning of term! If you would like to practise this at home, these are a good replacement for the objects we use in school: https://www.coolmath4kids.com/manipulatives/base-ten-blocks We have been adding two 2 digit numbers this week that don't cross tens. (No pairs of ones that add up to more than ten, - 15 + 16  - 5 + 6 = 11, so this would not be a number sentence most of us have tried)


Finally, in Forest School this week we were building dens! During this, I saw some excellent team work! Please take the time to have a look at the Forest School page to see what we've been up to!


Week 10!

Picture 1

What a day we've had! Children in Need is upon us and we've had a fantastic pyjama day learning all about Pudsey and what he does to help other children! We helped to raise lots of money and have very much enjoyed wearing our pyjamas to school!


I would also like to say a BIG THANK YOU to all of the parents who came along to the curriculum evening! It was lovely to get a chance to chat about your child's learning and explain what we do here at school. We're all so glad that you found it helpful and if there is anything else I can help with, please do get in touch.


We've been working terrifically hard on some Maths and problem solving skills this week. Its so good to see our independent and team work skills improving! In the coming weeks, we're going to be doing some work with money so any chance to practise coin or note recognition or giving change would be fantastic as a little extra homework!

This game is fun too - http://www.dingding.org.uk/games/manchester/faresplease/index.html


In English, we've been planning our newspaper reports on Ernest Shackleton and so far they are looking fantastic! I am so impressed with how much information we have learnt and remember about him! It's clear that we have very much enjoyed our topic this term!


We've started with our Christmas play 'Not Such a Silent Night' and so far its sounding great. All of the songs can be found on iTunes if you'd like to do some extra practice at home! Please remind your children to rehearse their lines and bring their scripts back into school if they don't know them by heart. This makes rehearsals much easier!


Finally, at the Curriculum Evening we premiered a video which shows all of the fun learning we do here at Clifton Hampden Primary School and I am so pleased that everyone has enjoyed it so far. It has been a real talking point for the children and really reminded us that all of the fun we have is still learning! 

Week 9!

This week we have been working very hard and learning about all sorts of new things!

In English we were working on a reading assessment, to see just how  brilliant we are are reading and comprehending new information. We have all worked incredible hard on these and Miss Hodgkins is very impressed with everyone's effort! We also have been looking at editing and improving our work. Please encourage us to do this with our homework too!

In Maths, we were working on our number knowledge and how we can show numbers in different ways or compare them to each other. It is important to help us practise comparing numbers and thinking about less/more/most/least in our everyday vocabulary. The kitchen and shops are a great place to practise this!


I would like to say a big thank you to all of the parents I was able to meet with at Parent Teacher Conferences. It makes a big difference to us and your children when you are able to be involved with our learning! Please continue to help us to achieve our targets and if you have any questions about any of the information handed out during those evening, do feel free to contact me on the form below!


We have also been back to the Forest School site this week and there were lots of muddy puddles for us to splash in! We had a fantastic time and really enjoyed being able to do this! Please make sure that your child has warm clothing and wellies are hole-free before next week! It's getting a little chilly on our Thursday afternoons out now!


We also have some visitors in our classroom at the moment! Bob and Wilbur (the guinea pigs!) have moved inside for the winter and we have a fantastic time settling them in to their new home and seeing how they are throughout the day! It has been incredibly exciting to see them more often and all of the children are really enjoying being able to feed and hold them when the opportunity arises!


Week 8!


Welcome back!

What a busy first week back! We have been continuing with our Frozen Planet topic this week and getting busy learning to tell the time! I am so impressed with how hard we’ve worked on this and think we have some clock experts in our class!


Changes to the classroom and timetable!

There have been lots of changes to our classroom and routines this week.

  • Our classroom has moved around to fit in an extra table so we have a little more room to do our learning. We also now have lots of learning stations we need to visit each week. We have a tick card for this to help us remember where we have been and we are going to vote on what the reward should be for us completing these challenges each week.
  • Our weekly timetable has changed to accommodate for extra reading focus time each day. Please take the time to have a look over this to ensure that you have the right bags/kit on each day!

A new homework system!

Inside your child’s homework book there will be a homework grid with all of the challenges for this term. Our homework consists of daily reading, daily spelling, daily counting and one weekly task. Please choose one of these tasks each week to complete together and date and sign them on the sheet. There is no need to complete masses of ‘evidence’ for this but if you’d like to bring photographs, complete something written, arty or otherwise to go up on our homework board too, that would be lovely!

I will check these on a Monday to ensure they are being ticked off, so please remind your child to hand them in on a Monday morning. However, if you have anything to go up on the homework board, these can be handed in at any time!

You can find a copy of the homework grid here:

Reading Challenge!

There is also a reading competition running this term! You will find the grid for this at the back of your child’s reading record. For each time you read at home, sign in one of the boxes. For each week where you have read together 5 times, your child will receive a raffle ticket to be drawn at the end of term to win a book token.

The extreme reading challenge is also still running and I can’t wait to see some of the extreme places that you read!

I would also like to take this chance to remind you that there are lots of different adults reading and writing in the reading records during the day. Because of this, it is not always the best place to write notes of importance or a private nature. If there is anything at all that you would like to speak to me about, please catch me at the beginning or end of the day, email the office or write in the message box at the bottom of the page. These messages come straight to me and will ensure that I get to them as quick as possible.


Time to talk!

This coming week is time for Parent Teacher Conferences! Please contact the office to book your slot!

Finally, we have a curriculum evening on Tuesday 14th November. Here we will be discussing the importance of talking, reading and writing, what we do in school and what you can do at home to support your child’s learning. This is a really important time to discuss all of the questions you may have and help with understanding the ways we support this in school. Please come along and bring any and all questions you might have!