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Behaviour, Rewards and Sanctions

We are fortunate that our children behaviour very well and it is a compliment to you and the staff that visitors to the school often comment on the children’s politeness and good behaviour.


In order to create a positive environment we aim to establish a healthy balance between rewards and sanctions. Staff encourage children to behave appropriately, and deal calmly and consistently with unacceptable behaviour.

To achieve good standards of behaviour and conduct, staff deal with behaviour issues as and when they occur, if necessary involving other members of staff. Unacceptable behaviour will not be ignored or condoned.

Recognition, praise and encouragement are used as much as possible in all situations.


Our emphasis is on rewards to reinforce good behaviour, achievement and effort. We believe that rewards have a motivational role, helping children to see that good behaviour is valued.


The Rewards include:

  • Plenty of positive praise;
  • Team points – children across the school work towards gaining team points. Team points are collected and totalled on a Friday with the winning team awarded an extra 15 minute playtime. Every half term the weekly totals are added up and the winning team for that half term are awarded a special treat;
  • Stickers;
  • The Celebration Book – names of children who make exceptional progress, have worked particularly hard or have shown one of our values are added to the Celebration Book. Certificates and special stickers are awarded to these children during celebration assembly on a Friday morning.
  • Sharing work with other classes or members of staff;
  • Golden Time.



Although rewards are central to the encouragement of good behaviour, realistically there is also a need for sanctions which highlight that there are consequences for unacceptable behaviour.


Most instances of poor behaviour are relatively minor and can be adequately dealt with through the school's agreed minor sanctions. However, where necessary a child's parents will be informed and expected to support and work in partnership with the school to address and improve the unacceptable behaviour being displayed.  


Our ladder of consequence highlights our sanctions for unacceptable behaviours.