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Collective Worship Crew

This term we have asked for volunteers to be involved with our daily act of collective worship - the "Collective Worship Crew". A selection of pupils came to a meeting on Tuesday and identified a selection of actions they could take to increase their involvement in collective worship.


The Collective Worship Crew are:

Darcy, Claudia, Lou, Anna, Jaimie-Leigh, Christie, Libby, Nina, Lily, Clara, Evie BJ, Melissa, Faith and Eva.

Responsibilities for Term 1:

Setting up the table Anna
Refreshing the Collective Worship Board Lily
Helping in Celebration Assembly Jaimie-Leigh
Collating the Team Points Clara
Selecting books/stories which link with our monthly theme Christie and Libby
Participation - reading stories, sharing pictures, prayers etc. Nina, Faith and Eva
Lighting the Candle Evie BJ and Melissa
Planning and delivering an act of collective worship Darcy, Claudia and Lou


Collective Worship led by Darcy, Claudia and Lou - 22-10-15

Careful planning and lots of preparation meant a very successful act of collective worship was delivered by Darcy, Claudia and Lou (part of our Collective Worship Crew). They created a story linked to our value of creativity, directed a group of children to act in the story, created a powerpoint presentation to accompany the story and chose the hymn to sing linked to their story. After the event, Darcy, Claudia and Lou evaluated the worship and are excited to plan and deliver another one.

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