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Forest School

What is Forest School?


Forest School builds on the natural instinct to learn that everybody is born with. It offers opportunities to make choices, initiate learning and take risks, and encourages positive attitudes and behaviour. The concept was developed in Scandinavia, and operates on the principle that children of all ages benefit from the learning opportunities present in a woodland environment. 


Forest School sessions are practical. They emphasise the development of self-esteem, communication and social skills, personal responsibility and citizenship. These skills positively feed back into other work in schools and settings. Forest School sessions link to all areas of the curriculum. 
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What can it do for children and young people?


Many children and young people have few opportunities to be outdoors. Forest School offers them a way to learn and experience a full curriculum in a woodland environment. Through regular weekly sessions in the same area of woodland, with a trained Forest School Leader and staff members, children and young people develop: 
  • personal confidence and self esteem 
  • communication and social skills 
  • a wider range of physical skills than are usually developed indoors 
  • a deeper understanding about their own natural and made environments 
  • increased knowledge about wider environmental issues 
  • their innate motivation and positive attitudes to learning and citizenship

Our Forest School Leader is Mrs Julie Field. If you would like any more information please do not hesitate to speak with her.