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What have we learnt this week?

Forest School (Arboretum visit) 25-09-14


Today was our first Forest School for this academic year. We spent the morning at Nuneham Courtenay Arboretum finding Autumnal treasure. We found lots of coloured leaves, seeds and peacock feathers. We used our coloured leaves to make pictures and even tried to make hedgehog houses. 


We used the treasure that we had found to make Autumnal crowns. Take a look at our photographs below to see the fantastic activities we took part in.

Forest School 26-06-14


Today was the last Forest School for this year. We had great fun taking part in activities that we had already done. We made large bubbles, used the swings, added to our dens and went bug hunting. Year 2 were very sad to think that this was the last time at our site, however were excited by the prospect of Key Stage 2 Forest School. 


Thank you to Mrs Field for organising such exciting activities - we have thoroughly enjoyed our year of Forest School.


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Forest School - 19/6/14


Today we needed to look at our environment really carefully.  We had to the match the many different colours of nature to our colour cards. 


We found different types of grass and leaves are slightly different shades of green.  Blue was our hardest colour to find, although we did spot and empty egg shell which we used for the light blue.

Joe found an impressive beetle under a log.  One of the children commented saying ‘That’s huge!’  There were far less biting insects today - thank you to parents who were able to apply insect repellent, this really helped.


Following snack and hot chocolate or squash we had a little time to play our own games before returning to school.  Please look at our photographs below and our nature colour cards will be on display in the FS/KS1 entrance hall next week.

Forest School - 12/6/14


Today was our first session back at Paradise Woods, thank you Debbie Croft for accompanying us.  The weather was very warm and sunny.  The meadow is now full of beautiful oxeye daisies, red and white clover and the grass is taller than some of the children.


This week our learning supported science - we needed to think about a home for humans.  We needed to make a home and seating for our group to use. 


Unfortunately for the wholes session we were plagued by biting insects!  These were especially a pain at snack time. 

Forest School - 22/5/14


Today was our last Forest School until after the holidays.  We continued our learning from last week, but today we had to think about habitats. 


We needed to build a home for an insect that we found either last week or the week before.  Many of the children decided to build a home then find and add an insect or two.  


We had a number of very impressive snail hotels!



The weather at Forest School today was very different from last week!  The sun was shining and it was warm.  


Today's learning focussed on identifications of insects.  We needed to find and then identify as many insects as possible.  Some of us were a little unsure about piking up bugs,but we used spoons and pots to help collects, snails, woodlouse, earwigs, beetles and ladybirds.  We were able to use the magnifying glass to look at the insect in greater detail.   It was a bit tricky to use the identification charts but with a little help we were able to name locate and name the creatures we had found.  


Even though it was warm and we could choose squash to drink, lots of us decided to have hot chocolate.  On the way back we had a little time to climb the trees.






Forest School today was very wet!  Our challenge today was to find as many signs of spring as possible.  Due to the weather we had a slight change to our planned activity (instead of recording our findings on paper, we photographed our observations).  We could work on our own or in groups to search - have a look at our pictures to see what we found…

Forest School Planning - 8/5/14



This week we had a special Forest School trip which involved us going to the Earth Trust to see the lambing. We were lucky enough to see some very new lambs which were born before we arrived. This visit consolidated our learning about Food and Farming (Autumn Term Topic) and reminded us about what animals need to live. We saw a variety of types of sheep and with a guide sheet were able to identify them. We had a great morning and our photos are on our main class page.


Click here to visit the Year 1/2 class page.



This week we returned to our site. Lots of the mud had dried up but of course there was still at least one large puddle to splash and squelch in!


We had a focus on eggs as our activity this week. We talked about animals which hatch from eggs and Miss Duff had organised a treasure hunt in groups to find pieces of a large egg which we then assembled. We enjoyed looking carefully for the coloured pieces and eventually, we all managed to make our eggs. After we had solved the puzzle we then had to make a nest for our egg to protect it. Take a look at the photos below to see our nests.



This week we returned to our site on a very foggy morning. Some of the mud has started to dry but we still managed to find at least one puddle to venture into!


The children were fascinated with the spider webs which were easily seen due to the dew on them. We even spotted one with a spider in the middle of it. Foundation and Year 1 were able to have some free play time whilst Year 2 had a very important job of making bubble mixture for later in the session. The Year 2 children carefully measured out the ingredients, stirred it and then left it to settle. We then had snack time (fruit, hot chocolate and biscuit) whilst Mrs Field showed us how to make a bubble wand from a straw and piece of string. Once our wands were ready we created lots of bubbles. 


Thank you to Mr Donkin for accompanying us to Forest School this week.




Still image for this video
Year 2 made bubble mixture and then we excitedly blew bubbles.



This week was the first in 2014 and the site had changed since we had last visited. Many of the trees had lost all their leaves and the walk to the site was incredibly muddy. We did enjoy testing out the muddy puddles (!) and some of us used sticks to test the depth of the puddles before entering. 


We travelled to our site on the bus as usual. The river though looked very different (the level is still high and some parts are flooded still) and one child commented that it looked like an ocean. 


Our session started with some free play time and then snack (fruit, hot chocolate and a biscuit). We then started to learn about plants and animals which could be found in the local environment, which links with our science learning. Mrs Field had made some riddles about woodland animals which we had to find the matching animal picture for.  We enjoyed our session and the highlight was the muddy puddles!

Forest School Planning - 6/3/14



This week was the first very cold week that we have had. We have continued with our work on forces, realising that the wind can produce quite a strong push force! We kept busy and moved round a lot to make sure that we stayed warm. We played cat and mouse and then had some free time to build, make dens or continue playing chasing games.



This week we have continued with our work on forces. We used our knowledge of pushes and pulls to discover how we can move light and heavy objects. We used ropes to help and sometimes the logs were so heavy and large that we needed to work as a team. The pictures below show how large (and heavy) some of the objects we moved were and how well we can work together.


This work has reinforced our science work developing our knowledge and we now know that heavy objects require a larger force to move them.



This week our Forest School session was linked to our science. We have been starting to learn about forces which are used to move things. This links with our topic relating to machinery.


We made things which use forces, for example swings, see-saw and bows and arrows.


The leaves are really changing colour now. Look at some of our photographs to see the beautiful colours.


We learnt about animals which might be found in woods in this country. We found out about what they would need to survive.

Click on the link below to see how our Forest School activities relate to the EYFS Curriculum and the National Curriculum.

Forest School Planning - Week 1