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Foundation Stage / Key Stage 1

Forest School Kit: We will provide your child with waterproof trousers to wear. Please ensure your child has old clothes, spare underwear, a coat, a hat and gloves in school every Thursday - these need to be in a separate bag which we can then use to put any wet/muddy clothing in if necessary.  If we get wet for any reason we will change our clothing at the earliest opportunity.


We have several  spare coats and several pairs of wellington boots.  If your child needs to borrow either or both for Forest School please speak to Mrs Field.  Please check your child's wellington boots from time to time for holes and fit. 

What have we been learning?

Today (13/7/17) at Forest School we completed our Bug Hotel.  Placed behind the outdoor classroom, stands several pallets. Each level have been carefully filled with old guttering and pipework packed with moss, wood chip, sticks leaves and bamboo. Hopefully we will have lots of residents (insects and spiders) taking up residence very soon. 
Today (6/7/17) at Forest School we shared the story a story about nature's tiny miracle 'Bee' by Britta Teckentrup.  We followed a bee on it's journey collecting nectar and pollinating our wonderful plants.  We used our story to inspire our artwork.  
Today (29/6/17) we have continued our learning about animals and have focussed on what animals eat.  Using pictures of woodland animals we made food chains.  We then transferred our knowledge and understanding about sea creatures and made food chains using pictures of sea creatures. 
Today's learning (22/6/17) Reception and Year 1 have been learning matching and naming, adult and baby mammals by completing a scavenger hunt. Year 2 have been continuing to classify different animals to the correct group by completing a scavenger hunt.
This week we (15/6/17) been sorting animals by their key features (wings, legs, fur, meat eater, plant eater etc).  The children came up with some fantastic ideas to sort the animals.  We have a small amount of time to look for bugs - always a favourite activity. 
Today (8/6/17) we have been learning about plants.  We looked at the roots, stems and leaves of geraniums, lobelia, and begonias.  We worked hard to lift the spring bulbs and plant our bedding plants.
Today (25/5/17) we were colour detectives...our challenge today was to find as many different shades of green as possible. Have a look at our photographs below, who would of thought Spring offered so many shades?
Today (11/5/17) we stayed in the grounds of school and used our location to learn about plants and bulbs - lots of science today.  We planted strawberry plants (thank you Noah's parents for donating) and onion bulbs - hopefully we will have delicious onions later in the year!  We also enjoyed a little bug hunting.  Remember no Forest School next week as we are at Bookfeast.


11/5/17 1
11/5/17 2
11/5/17 3
11/5/17 4
11/5/17 5
11/5/17 6
11/5/17 7
11/5/17 8
11/5/17 9
11/5/17 10
11/5/17 11
11/5/17 12
11/5/17 13
11/5/17 14
11/5/17 15
11/5/17 16
11/5/17 17
11/5/17 18
11/5/17 19
11/5/17 20
11/5/17 21
11/5/17 22
11/5/17 23
11/5/17 24
11/5/17 25
11/5/17 26
11/5/17 27
11/5/17 28
11/5/17 29
11/5/17 30
11/5/17 31
11/5/17 32
Today (4/5/17) we enjoyed a lovely walk on the Old Airfield.  The children were able to embed their learning from last week and keenly show us lots of signs of Spring. Hot chocolate and a biscuit gave us the energy to continue our journey back.
Linking to our homework, today (27/4/17) at Forest School we have been looking for signs of Spring.  We noticed lots of blossom and flowers and heard many birds singing.  We searched under pots to see if we could find insects and even spotted a ladybird basking in the sunshine.

Today (6/4/17) was our final Forest School session this term. We began by looking at the life cycle of a plant and then we made seed bombs.  Taking a piece of clay and flattening into a circle we put a small amount of compost and wildflower seeds in the middle, we folded the sides up to make a ball.  The 'seed bomb' needs about 2 weeks to dry out before placing in an area to be beautified with wildflowers! 


During our snack the Easter Bunny arrived to hide 36 eggs - we each searched for our egg to exchange for a small treat.

Today (30/3/7) at Forest School we enjoyed toasting marshmallows.  First we talked about keeping safe around fire and how to make a fire. Then we searched for fuel (sticks).  Next we lit our fires and in turn added fuel.  We enjoyed carefully toasting marshmallows and sandwiching these between 2 crackers.  Yummy!

Today (16/3/17) we continued our learning around forces and were challenged to make see-saws. We worked together to move logs so that we could make a moving see-saw. We found we actually used both push and pull forces today! Have a look at our pictures below.


Next week (23/3/17) is our planned Sponsored Walk - our planned route is very muddy.  Children are likely to get muddy, please ensure they bring old clothing to school and a plastic bag.

Today (9/3/17) we have been thinking about forces and how to use a push force. We made a bubble wand and bubble mixture to make bubbles. The children needed to think carefully about what type of force they were using to blow a bubble. We had lots of fun and finished the session with a short play, followed by hot chocolate and a biscuit.

Today (2/2/17)  we returned to our Forest School site…it was just how we left it at the end of term 2! It was lovely to be back at the site and we made fantastic use of the swings and see-saw. Apologies for not taking many photographs this week, however there is a fantastic picture of the future forest which we helped plant with the Sylva Tree Team.

Today (23/2/17) during Forest School today we were looking at maps. We found Clifton Hampden, the river and even the school and sweet shop on the ordnance survey map.


Working in groups we made our own maps of the school grounds.

Today (9/2/17) was our final Forest School this term and we took a stroll over to the old airfield.  The children were amazing at spotting all the different changes that have taken place since we last visited.  we found catkins, snowdrops, tight bed on trees and lovely thick muddy puddles and some fantastic tyre marks from a tractor.
Today (2/2/17) we all enjoyed planting a 2 plots of trees in the new Sylva Future Forest.  Our plot number is 79 and 80.  Please see latest news for pictures of today's event.
Today (26/1/17) the children took part in the annual RSPB bird count.  We saw 2 robins, a male and female blackbird, a pigeon, several seagulls and lots of crows!  We played a game called Predator and Prey (children are split into foxes and rabbits or mice) and the predators catch the prey.  We finished our session by reading Stick Man and making our own stick men.  Hot chocolate and a biscuit helped to refuel our cold bodies.


26/1/17 1
26/1/17 2
26/1/17 3
26/1/17 4
26/1/17 5
26/1/17 6
26/1/17 7
26/1/17 8
26/1/17 9
26/1/17 10
26/1/17 11
26/1/17 12
26/1/17 13

Today we have been considering the impact winter has on a number of animals. Using pictures, we made food chains to help us understand where woodland animals get the food from. We learnt at this time of the year, small garden birds do not have a good source of food and it is important for us to help. Yr 2 used cardboard tubes and covered these on honey (you can use peanut butter is you have no allergies). Once covered, roll the tub in bird seed. Reception and Yr 1, studded apples with sunflower seeds and placed these in trees.


Update: When working with yr 5 & 6 we saw a great tit and robin both feeding on the apples!

Today we welcomed the Sylva Tree Team to school (please see latest news for photographs). On the 2/2/17 the whole school will take part in planting a new woods next to the Wood Centre in Long Wittenham. Today, Jen and Pieternal talked to us about the importance of wood, why and how we will be planting our trees. Kindly, Sylva have donated a hornbeam tree to us as well.


We finished our Forest school session learning about Winter and the events which take place at this time of the year. Have a look at our Winter tree on our Forest school display, we used a mix of media (oil pastel and paint) to produce our beautiful artwork.

Today (2/12/16) was our final Forest School session and we visited the old airfield.  We completed the inner circuit and were amazed by the frost which had formed by the previous night's cold temperatures. The leaves still rustled in the sheltered areas and we were able to venture through the bare trees.  Following a warm hot chocolate we summoned up the energy to return to school.

Today (24/11/16) we enjoyed our second session at our Forest School site.  Today we were learning how to take risks; risks come in lots of forms – walking through thick mud, using the swings and see-saw, exploring the pine tree etc.  Next Thursday (1/12/16) is our final session this term.

Today (17/11/16) we enjoyed our first visit to Pine Woods of this academic year.  The wind blew and the rain trickled down, but we didn't let this deter us.  Having wrapped up warm, we took the bus to Long Wittenham and after a short walk enjoyed exploring our site.  Hot chocolate and biscuit set us up ready for our walk back to the bus.  We will return to Pine Woods again next week.
Today (10/11/16)  during Forest School, having learnt how to put our dungarees on to keep ourselves our dry,  we ventured to the old airfield. Looking carefully we are as a group to complete a scavenger hunt.  We had to search for different types of leaves. We enjoyed hot chocolate and a biscuit before returning.

Today (3/11/16) during Forest School we have been improving our outdoor area.  We emptied the old flower posts, replaced the compost and planted with bulbs and/or pansies.  We placed bark mulch around the newly planted willow – hopefully this will root, improving our tunnel.  We collected the fallen leaves around the lime tree and put these in the compost bin too.

Today (13/10/16) our learning focused on the changing season and Autumnal colours in particular. Using a selection of colour charts (reds, yellows, browns and oranges) we needed to look really carefully at different flora, matching as many items as possible to our chart.   We stopped for a hot chocolate and biscuit before returning to school.

Today (6/10/16) we left the school grounds for a short walk.  We crossed the road and took the footpath next to the village hall, bearing left at the bottom corner of the field we proceeded onto the old airfield.  We stopped for a biscuit and hot chocolate before returning to school.  We all enjoyed our first Forest School offsite! 

Today (29/09/16) we made apple juice! We collected, washed, pulped and squeezed apples to collect the juice.  Thank you to our families and friends who kindly donated apples.
Today (22/9/16) marks the official start of Autumn and we have continued our learning about events which take place at this time of year.  We begun by looking at leaves and the changing colours, the children noticed the maple tree (behind the outdoor classroom) is just beginning to change colour.  We used the leaves to complete pencil drawings and rubbings.  We then completed a challenge by looking for as many different seeds within the main playground.  We noticed the seeds from the lime tree were tiny, but the tree was massive!  We finished the afternoon with a snack and a drink before returning to our classroom.

Today (15/9/16) was our first Forest School and the weather was wonderful.  We all changed into old clothing, but decided as it was so hot we would remain in our shoes, instead of changing into wellington boots. 


We shared ‘Leaf Man by Lois Ehlert’ and used this story to inspire our work.  We were able to identify a number of leaves which are beginning to change colour and some of us used these in our art.


Please look at our display in the main entrance (next to Mrs Robey’s window), where you will be able to a selection of our work.


We finished our session with a biscuit and squash.

Leaf Man by Lois Ehlert

Leaf Man by Lois Ehlert 1