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Key Stage 1 - Reception (Mrs Julie Field)

Week 2


CLL: This week we have been writing instructions.  First we needed to think about what order we completed our task (snacks for the disco on Friday).  Next we needed to consider how to write these steps down.  Finally we had a go at writing our own instructions.


Maths: This week we have been learning about capacity and using the language involved in this (full, empty, half full, half empty, nearly full and nearly empty).  Using various containers in the water tray we were able to show these different measures.  We finished the week be looking at 3D shapes.


PD:  During PE on Wednesday we have been practising our throwing and catching skills using bean bags.  We have also been playing some fun games that involve us moving with the bean bags.  On Friday we have been practising our team games in preparation for Sports Day.  During handwriting we have been practising our long ladder letters, both lower and upper case.


Expressive Arts and Design: During Music with Mrs Fell we have continued our playground chants and action rhymes.  We have also started a new song for the performance at the end of term.  On Friday with Miss Priddle we have been learning how to sew.


We also welcomed our new visitors on Tuesday and Thursday afternoon for their 3rd and 4th visit.  Their final visit will take place on June 16th.  Our current Reception children have been an asset helping the new children to settle and showing them where we keep our resources and how to use them - Well done smiley

Welcome back to our final term.  Term 6 has started well and although the week began very cold, we are now enjoying warmer weather and sunshine!  Please remember to send your child with a sun hat and a light coat to cover all possible conditions!



CLL: This week we produced fantastic writing about our holidays! It sounds as if the children have all had a wonderful break. We also worked on including descriptions in our writing and how this gave the reader more information. 


Maths: We have played lots of games around 2D shape.  We are becoming very confident at naming and recognising flat shapes (circle, semi-circle, square, rectangle, pentagon, hexagon and octagon).  We are beginning to use the properties of a shape (side, corner etc.) to identify a described shape. 


 PD:  This week we have been practising our ‘one armed robot’ letter (lower and upper case).  During PE on Wednesday we are developing our throwing, catching and moving skills using small equipment.  On Friday we have started to play team games in preparation for Sports Day.


Understanding of the World:  This week we have been thinking about the season of Summer and related activities.  We have also learnt about ‘Keeping our bodies safe in the sun’ and the steps we need to take.


Expressive Art: During Music with Mrs Fell we have been learning more playground chants - your child should be able to sing ‘Jump Jim Joe’ if you ask and show you the actions!  On Friday as part of DT and in preparation for the fourth coming disco, we also made the snacks! 

Week 4: 4/5/15


CLL: This week we have been learning about ‘The Gruffalo’ and linking this to our Maths (see below). 


Maths: We have been learning about ‘time’ and used ‘The Gruffalo’ as our starting point by sequencing the events within the story.  We then recapped our days of the week (which we are getting very good at), and began practising the months of the year.  We moved onto to looking at the key features of an analogue clock (numbers 1-12, two hands etc.), then telling the time to o’clock. 


PD: We practised our curly caterpillar letters and accompanying capital letters this week.  During PE we continued with Dance and Movement on Wednesday and Tennis on Friday. 


UoW: During Forest School we have continued to learn about animal groupings (mammal, insect, reptile etc.).  We then moved on to searching for insects within our own local environment (school grounds).   We added the location of the creatures we found to our map of the grounds.


EA: During Music we are continuing with building a piece of music using sounds which we produce using our bodies.  During Art we having been replicating paintings of the sea. 

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6
Picture 7
Picture 8
Picture 9
Picture 10
Picture 11
Picture 12
Picture 13
Picture 14
Picture 15
Picture 16
Picture 17
Picture 18
Picture 19
Picture 20
Picture 21
Picture 22
Picture 23

Wk 3 - 27/4/15


CLL - This week we have completed our ‘Dear Zoo’ stories.  We completed our front covers by looking at different books and deciding what key information a front cover needed to include. 


Maths - We began the week by learning about halving.  We halved lots of different items, understanding both portions need to be equal.   We then moved onto sharing - all our work has been practical as this will give the best base for building on our knowledge later in the year.  The children learnt to share between two items (saying the chant: one for you, one for me, one for you, one for me until all items have been shared).  If you are sharing items at home, talk about sharing asking how this can be done fairly, how many each person has etc.  Keep items to be shared to a fairly small quantity.  Cereals such work really well, as does pasta, but for a treat sweets are the best!


Physical Development: We are continuing are tennis skills.  This week we used the strung tennis rackets to move the tennis ball. We began by patting the ball up and down, first standing still then moving.  We also started to bounce hit the ball, it was tricky but by the end of the lesson we had really improved.  During fine motor skills we have been practising our cutting skills by making owls and during handwriting we have been practising our zig-zag monster letters (and accompanying capital letters). 


Expressive Arts: Our Wednesday PE sessions saw us continuing with Dance and Movement.  For our warm up we needed move in different ways to the music.  Next we pretended to be an animal of our choice.  We listened carefully to the changes in music, altering the way we moved.


Understanding of the World: This week we worked with year 1 and 2.  We looked at the life cycle of a sunflower seed and we planted sunflower seeds and summer flowering bulbs.  During Forest School sessions we have been learning about woodland animals.  Working in groups we needed to read clues to find pictures of woodland animals that had been hidden in the trees.  Visit our Forest School page to  see our photographs.

Wk 2: 20/4/15


CLL: We shared the book Dear Zoo by Rod Campbell.  We have begun to write our own stories based on this fun story.  We need to think which animal the zoo would send and why we would send it back.


Maths: This week’s learning was about money.  We practised counting out amounts in pennies to buy things to remind us of our previous learning.  Next we learnt how to count out amounts of money using 2 pence coins.  We decided it was easier to tap the coin twice every time we added on 2p.  We are also learning to count in 2’s up to 10. Each time we add two more, we add two more items to our pile of counters.


Physical Development: This week we practised our one-armed robot letters and accompanying capital letters.  During PE on Friday’s we have continued with tennis skills.  Using the plastic racquets, we bounced the ball up and down, first standing still, then moving. Next working in pairs, we needed to throw the tennis ball for our partner to hit.


Expressive Arts: Our Wednesday PE session has continued to focus on Dance and Movement.  Today we started by moving to the music by skipping, hopping, jumping and tiptoeing.  We also had to listen to the music carefully by standing still when the music stopped, and following the actions of the song.  We had lots of fun and got quite hot today!


Understanding of the World:  On Tuesday we found out about St George ready for St George’s Day on Thursday.  During Forest School we focussed on patterns, both animal, tree and plant.  Have a look at our Forest School page to see our photographs.

Wk 1 - Photographs by Samuel

Wk 1 - Photographs by Samuel 1
Wk 1 - Photographs by Samuel 2
Wk 1 - Photographs by Samuel 3
Wk 1 - Photographs by Samuel 4
Wk 1 - Photographs by Samuel 5
Wk 1 - Photographs by Samuel 6
Wk 1 - Photographs by Samuel 7
Wk 1 - Photographs by Samuel 8
Wk 1 - Photographs by Samuel 9
Wk 1 - Photographs by Samuel 10
Wk 1 - Photographs by Samuel 11
Wk 1 - Photographs by Samuel 12
Wk 1 - Photographs by Samuel 13
Wk 1 - Photographs by Samuel 14
Wk 1 - Photographs by Samuel 15
Wk 1 - Photographs by Samuel 16
Wk 1 - Photographs by Samuel 17
Wk 1 - Photographs by Samuel 18
Wk 1 - Photographs by Samuel 19
Wk 1 - Photographs by Samuel 20
Wk 1 - Photographs by Samuel 21
Wk 1 - Photographs by Samuel 22
Wk 1 - Photographs by Samuel 23
Wk 1 - Photographs by Samuel 24
Wk 1 - Photographs by Samuel 25

Term 5 - Welcome back!

I hope you all had a relaxing break, enjoying the wonderful weather.  Our topic for term 5 is 'Amazing Animals'.  Please click on the link below to look at an overview of our intended learning for this term.

Solar eclispe - 20/3/15

Solar eclispe - 20/3/15 1
Solar eclispe - 20/3/15 2
Solar eclispe - 20/3/15 3

Friday was a very exciting end to the week!  We began the day by watching the eclipse via the live feed fro the BBC.  We were able to watch the moon covering the sun - click on the following link for an explanation http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/science-environment-31950277 you can also watch scenes of the eclipse by clicking this link: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/science-environment-31980258


Following the eclipse, we took part in a drama workshop.  We needed to pack our bags and travel to the jungle!  We saw crocodiles, snakes, spiders, lions and spoke a secret language called ‘banana’ this made us giggle lots!  We had to set a special creature free by looking for a golden key in swamp filled with crocodiles.  Look out for your child’s certificate in their book bag - Drama Performance offer clubs for all.  Look at our pictures below.

Week 4: 16/3/15


CLL: We continued our learning about the Police.  We are very much enjoying our role play at the moment, pretending to be police officers and arresting the criminal.  This week we shared the story ‘Cops and Robbers’ by Janet and Allan Alhberg.  We were also able to watch a version on the interactive white board.  We were amazed to see the story was the same.  We made ‘Wanted’ posters looking for a criminal, adding lots of detail.


Maths: We continued our learning regarding subtraction.  We began the week subtracting a single digit number from a single digit number.  By the end of the week we were able to subtract a single digit number from a two digit number using a number line.


PD: We have continued with invasion games during Wednesday’s PE and hockey skills during Friday’s PE.  


UoW: This week we have been learning about signs of spring.  We used our Forest School learning to start our thinking off.  We also found out about what animals and insects are starting to do (coming out of hibernation, building nests, looking for food).


Please see our Forest School Page regarding our learning at Forest School this week.


EA: We mixed different shades of pink to use for our blossom tree. We used our fingers to splodge the different shades of pink on paper - this will be the blossom for our spring tree.  We also used the think ribbon to weave onto a frame to make the background for our spring tree.  Have a look at our pictures below.  You can see our display in the corridor opposite the wellington boot box.

Week 3: 9/3/15

Week 3: 9/3/15 1
Week 3: 9/3/15 2
Week 3: 9/3/15 3
Week 3: 9/3/15 4
Week 3: 9/3/15 5
Week 3: 9/3/15 6
Week 3: 9/3/15 7
Week 3: 9/3/15 8

Week 3: 9/3/15


CLL/UoW:  This week we have been learning about the Police.  We found out about some of the jobs they do from information books and the computer/internet. 


Maths: We re-capped our pervious learning about subtraction and played subtraction number games.  We then made a big number line using the path outside.  We used the number track to write number sentence (10-5=5 etc.) and work out the answers by jumping back along our number line. 


PD: We have continued with invasion games during Wednesday’s PE and hockey skills during Friday’s PE.  We have also continued our learning about keeping healthy by practising our hand washing skills and finding out how the toilet flushes (you may get some questions at home about how the toilet works!).


EA: We made beautiful cards for Mothering Sunday and continued with our story in music.  Last week we worked with year 1 and 2 to write a group story, this week we had to think about which parts of our story we could add music to.

Mummy and Daddy help us...

Week 2: 2/3/15


CLL/UoW: This week we have been learning about doctors, nurses and paramedics and how they help us.  We found out about nurses in the past and how Florence Nightingale helped to change nursing.  We practised being paramedics and even listened to our heart beat using the stethoscopes! 


Maths: We began the week by remembering what happens to numbers when we add.  We played number games and used the number line to add 2 single digit number. 


PD: We have continued with invasion games during Wednesday’s PE and hockey skills during Friday’s PE.


EA: We learnt about St David and made daffodil windmills.  We also made an ambulance using an old box!

Week 1: 23/2/15


CLL: We all shared our ‘Holiday News’ by writing about some of the exciting things we did in half-term.  It sounds like we all had a lovely break.  To introduce our new topic (People Who Help Us), the children thought about all the different people who help them both at home and school - we made a very long list!


Maths: Along with our counting patterns and number formation, our work this week focussed on ‘Making 10’.  We investigated how many different ways we could make 10.  We used counters, multilink (cubes), number tracks and of course our fingers to help us make 10.


PD: This term we will focus on invasion games (Wednesday afternoon - outside) and continue with hockey skills (Friday morning - outside).  During number formation we have focused on writing numbers to 15, making sure our numbers come in the correct sequence and facing the right way.   Letter formation focused on ‘curly caterpillar’ letters and the accompanying capital letter (for c,o,a,g,d,q,e). 


Understanding of the World:  Germs!  We learnt about germs and what they do.  We played ‘The Germ Doctor’ where 3 children put their hands in glitter, then touched other people and items in the class.  The glitter represents germs and this is a good way for children to understand how we pass germs on.  We also found out about Shrove Tuesday, why and how it is celebrated.  We made our own pancakes, adding sugar and lemon. 


Expressive art and Design: We love our new blackboard outside! We tested it out by drawing with chalk and we very much look forward to drawing and painting outside too.  However, is the weather was very wet and cold on Thursday, we painted pictures of people who help us indoors!  We also experimented with mixing paint by making shade of blue and orange.

We end week 6 with a feast!  Click on the link to be redirected to our learning regarding Chinese New Year. 


Although this does not take place until Thursday 19/2/15 (during half term), we thought we would learn about this special celebration this week.  We found out how 13 animals took part in a race across a river.  The winning 12 animals were each assigned to a year depending on their finish place.  We learnt about traditions that still take place today.  We cooked and ate noodles, rice, vegetables and dipping sauce - yummy!  http://www.clifton-hampden.oxon.sch.uk/key-stage-1-year-1-and-2-miss-lindsay-priddle-an-1/

What a busy week! It is hard to believe we have already completed week 5, next week will see our final week before half-term.


CLL: This week our focus begun with Little Red Riding Hood, but snow on Tuesday changed our plans!  We made the most of the shallow covering, making snowmen, snow dogs and exploring the changing conditions as the day warmed up.  The experience of snow first hand meant we could think of some fantastic similes.


Maths: Has been all about 2D shape.  We have explored flat shapes by making pictures, solving some problems and playing lots of games.  We have identified a shapes edge and corner, which was a bit tricky to start with, but became easier as the week progressed.  Click on the following link to play a shape game: http://www.ictgames.com/YRshape.html


PD: During fine motor skills we have focused on ‘squeezing’ - we enjoyed using the playdough and plungers to make various items.  For PE this week we continued with Gymnastics and Friday saw us braving the cold weather. However, instead of hockey (where are movement is less), we played a number of invasion games to keep our bodies nice and warm.  Letter formation has focussed on ‘one armed robot letters’.


Understanding of the World: Tuesday’s weather (snow) inspired our learning, where we experienced the cold snow first hand!  We were able to ask and answer lots of questions to further our understanding.


Expressive Arts: This week we made snowflakes by folding and cutting paper.  For some of us this was tricky, but it was worth the perseverance once we opened up our folded circle to find a beautiful snowflake.  We also painted winter pictures.  During Music was have been learning about tempo and a runaway train.

Exploring the snow on Tuesday

Week 3: 19/1/15


CLL: Our stories this week has been about bears! On Monday we shared ‘Lost on the Beach’ a story about a bear who goes on a very exciting adventure.  We have also shared ‘Goldilocks and The 3 Bears’, finding out about the naughty little girl who was very nosy!  Our work this week focused on characters, sequencing the stories and what Goldilocks might see in the cottage.


Maths: Our focus this week has been measure.  We recapped our learning form last term, ordering items by height and thinking of as many ways as possible to describe big and of course small.  We came up with quite a list.  We then moved on to using comparative language (small, smaller, smallest etc.).  Towards the end of the week we moved on to ‘direct comparison (comparing items which are of the same height as a given item) and measuring using non-standard measure (hence drawing around bare feet).  Do ask your child to find things at homes which are the same height/width as…this will be great practise for later in the year when we revisit this area of learning (your child’s footprint is also in their book bag - they can use these at home to measure items if you wish) .


Physical Development: During fine motor skills we practised our cutting skills.  We found straight lines were ok, but circles proved more difficult to cut out.  We used our skills to cut items out and make a picture.  Our letter formation this week was ‘long ladder’ letters (i/l/j/y/u/t) and our number formation looked at the sequencing and formation of 12/13/14.  During PE this week we have continued with Gymnastics (Wednesday) and Hockey (Friday). 


Understanding of the World: We have continued to look at ‘materials’.  At the start of the week we learnt about properties of materials (bendy, bumpy, soft, hard, shiny, dull, smooth, rough etc).  Have a look on the science display board for the duvets we decorated with KS1.  On Friday we learnt about the term ‘waterproof’, we had lots of fun using the syringes to test lots of different types of materials to see if they were waterproof.  We finished our learning by making a coat for Goldilocks which needed to either by warm and cosy or waterproof.  Click on the link to play a fun game testing different materials: http://www.bbc.co.uk/schools/scienceclips/ages/5_6/sorting_using_mate.shtml


Expressive Arts: During Music we have continued learning about pulse and rhythm.  We are able to copy simple rhythm patterns.  We also had a go at making up our own rhythm patterns by using body percussion.  During Art this week we made shadow puppets of Goldilocks. 

Week 2 - 12/1/15

CLL: Our learning this week has been centred on the traditional tale ‘The 3 Billy Goats Gruff’.  We have read different versions of the story, identifying differences and similarities between the stories. We also set up the tuff spot to represent the story setting, using the puppets to act out the story. We thought of as many descriptive words to describe the troll and the large billy goat.  We then used these words to label our own pictures of trolls. The following link will take you to an online story of 'The 3 Bill Goats Gruff' story: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OO-5KgcfHmI


Maths: The focus this week has been ‘time’.  We sang our ‘Days of the Week’ song and also learnt about the four different seasons and the months of the year.  By laying out the days of the week, months of the year and the season names in a circle we could see time kept going and never ended. 


PD: During fine motor skills we have been practising our ‘zig-zag monster letters’, these consist of v/w/x/z.  We have also practised the formation of two digit numbers, as it gets a bit tricky remembering which digit comes first!  During indoor PE (gymnastics) we have been moving in various ways (hopping, skipping, jumping, running and side step), and finding different ways to balance on various parts of our bodies.  On Friday for outdoor PE we have continued with hockey skills.  This week we practised moving the hockey ball for longer periods of time, weaving in and out of cones - we all found this really tricky.


Understanding of the World: Over the coming weeks we will be learning and investigating ‘materials’.  On Tuesday we found out about different types of materials, focussing on wood, plastic, glass, paper, metal and fabric.  Friday’s lesson focussed on sorting different materials into groups depending on the product they were made from. 

CLL: This week we have been working on our speaking and listening and how to ask questions to gain further information.  We each shared our holiday news - Santa has been very busy delivering wonderful presents. 


Maths: Our learning has been about money.  We have sorted coins by type, found out the different symbols for pence (p) and pound (£) and been paying for items using pennies.  Money takes lots and lots of practise; help your child to sort coins at home by type and count out amounts of money using pennies.  When we revisit money later in the term, we will learn how to count coins of a higher value.


Understanding of the World: We learnt about the events of Winter (different types of weather, what animals do and how to keep warm).


PD: During fine motor skills we have been practising our cutting skills.  We have recapped our single digit number formation (0-9), and also focused on our ‘one armed robot letters’.  During PE on a Wednesday we learning Gymnastic skills and on a Friday we are learning to use hockey sticks!  Friday’s PE looked at using our hockey stick safely, how to hold our hockey stick and moving a tennis ball.


Expressive Arts and Media: The focus for this week was painting – we painted pictures of our holiday news/presents from Santa.  We also painted self-portraits.  During Music we learnt how to add music (using the percussion instruments) to the rhyme ‘The Grand Old Duke of York’.  We also learnt how to move in time to the music.

Welcome back to term 3 – I hope you all had a relaxing Christmas and are ready for another exciting term!  Our topic for term 3 will be 'Traditional Tales'.  Please click on the link at the below this section to look at an  overview of our intended learning for this term.

Term 3 - Planning Overview

CLL/Understanding of the World: This week we have been learning about ‘The First Christmas’.  We have shared stories from school and home, finding out how Mary and Joseph travelled to Bethlehem and who visited them in the stable.  We have also learnt about ‘Advent’ and the events that take place at this time of year.


Maths:  Building on our skills of the previous weeks, we have been adding groups of items together and revising the language of addition (add, more, altogether, total).  On Thursday we made festive decorations for the classroom by using repeating patterns - have a look at our very long paper chains!


Expressive Arts and Design: Mary and Joseph, a donkey, and a choir of angels, a newspaper boy, a conductor, shepherds, sheep, 3 wise men and a star… We have started to practise our songs for our Christmas Production (taking place on 16/12/14). 


Forest School: Please look at our Forest School page for this week’s activities.

Week 3: 17/11/14


CLL: Continuing with our transport theme, we have been sharing ‘The Duck in the Truck’ by Jez Alborough.   We shared the story, made a story map and finally made our own little books by writing labels or captions for each page.


Maths: This week we have been learning how to use the number track and add one more.  It was a little tricky at first, as we needed to be sure we were moving forwards/up the number track, but with practise we were able to work out simple addition sums.  Using the number track well will support our maths addition later in the term.


PD: We have continued with ‘Dance’ on a Wednesday afternoon.  We have been moving to music and this week we pretended to be a toy in a toy shop!  During our fine motor skills lesson we have been threading items and practising our curly caterpillar letters (c, o, a, g, d, q), all the letters start in the same way and are formed from the letter ‘c’.


Understanding of the World:  Thinking about our topic of transport, we looked at old and new transport and how it has changed.  We found out buses use to be pulled by a horse and cart and bicycles looked very different!  We classified the different types of transport in different ways.  Please see our Forest School page to see what we have been up to this week.


Expressive Arts and Design:  During our Music lesson with Mrs Fell we have been learning about the term ‘timbre’.  We played a listening and matching game - one person hid behind a curtain and played an instrument, we then had to try and match the sound on the instrument by describing and naming it.  During Art we started to collage a large picture of ‘The Duck in the Trick’ - this will be on display later in the week.  We also learnt about keeping safe at night time during PHSE.  It was lots of fun as we made the summer house very dark, then used a torch to look at different fabrics/materials.  We collaged 4 bears to show which are the best types of clothing to wear.  Have a look at our bears on our door.

W/B: 17/11/14

W/B: 17/11/14 1
W/B: 17/11/14 2
W/B: 17/11/14 3
W/B: 17/11/14 4
W/B: 17/11/14 5
W/B: 17/11/14 6
W/B: 17/11/14 7
W/B: 17/11/14 8
W/B: 17/11/14 9
W/B: 17/11/14 10

Firework Pictures

Firework Pictures 1
Firework Pictures 2
Firework Pictures 3
Firework Pictures 4
Firework Pictures 5
Firework Pictures 6
Firework Pictures 7
Firework Pictures 8

Mask Making

Mask Making 1
Mask Making 2
Mask Making 3
Mask Making 4
Mask Making 5
Mask Making 6

W/B: 3/11/14


Literacy/Understanding of the World: This week we have been learning about ‘The Gunpowder Plot’ and why we have fireworks at this time of the year.  We listened the story, then made our own books by ordering key events that happened. We wrote a short caption to explain each picture.


Maths: This week we have revised our number formation and counting of items (one to one correspondence).  We have also started to use a number track to help us with recording two digit numbers.  We practised our number chants and counting forwards and backwards from any point between 0 and 20 - we need lots of practise at this, as we found it a bit tricky starting at a two digit number and counting on.


PD: During PE on a Wednesday, we have begun to move to music.  We need to listen to the track and make movements which to fit the piece of music.  On a Friday we have continued with ball skills.  Our accuracy is developing and sometimes we can throw or kick a ball to hit a target.  During fine skills we have been practising our long ladder letters and fine movements.


Expressive Arts and Design: Keeping with our firework theme we used the oil pastels to draw pictures of fireworks.  We thought very carefully about the colours we needed to us.  We also moved like a firework (lots of fizz, pops and bangs).  On Thursday we made masks and retold leading up to 5 November 1605.  We made The Houses of Parliament from the wooden blocks and add 36 barrels of pretend gunpowder.


Have a look at the photographs above to see our work.

W/B: 13/10/2014


CLL/Topic: We have continued with our topic of Autumn and Harvest this week.  On Tuesday we visited St Michel’s and All Angels church to have a look round.  The displays which the local community have put together are wonderful.  We were able to name many of the wonderful fruits and vegetables and truly appreciated the colours this season gives.  On Thursday we enjoyed our celebrations by attending church.  We enjoyed lunch with a number of local residents.  Please click on this link to view more information and pictures:http://www.clifton-hampden.oxon.sch.uk/stream/news/full/1/-//


We have also started to learn about rhyme this week by reading many rhyming books, reciting rhymes and playing rhyming games.  Rhyme can be tricky to learn and understand as we are thinking about the end sounds of a word and not just individual sounds (which we have been working hard to do in phonics).  We will continue with rhyme again next week.


Phonics: Along with learning our key sounds for the week (please refer to phonics diary), we have been learning how to segment words (break down words into sounds) by using ‘Robbie Robot talk’ - this is tricky and takes lots of practice and learning how to blend sounds into a spoken word.


Maths: This week we have continued with our number formation.  We are becoming confident at forming our numbers from 0 through to 6.  Next week we will look at the formation of 7, 8, and 9, this will enable us to write any number we wish!  We have also been looking at 2D shapes (flat shapes) this week.  We have concentrated on circle, square, rectangle and triangle and started to learn about the properties of each shape (how many sides and how many corners). 


Physical Development:  On Monday we have continued to practise our fine motor skills by using the playdough mats and handwriting boards.  Our activities have encouraged us to work on small scale which can be tricky when our muscles our still developing.  During PE on a Wednesday we have continued with movement and balance and on a Friday we have been practising our ball skills.


Expressive Arts: Final practise has been taking place with our songs/hymns for Thursday.  We have also been learning about rhythm and how to clap the rhythm of words/short phrases - we will continue with this next week, hopefully adding sounds from musical instruments instead of clapping.

W/B: 6/10/14

Literacy/Understanding of the World: We have continued with our learning about harvest.  This week we tasted fruit and vegetables which are grown in the UK.  We also made flapjack for Forest School.  We had lots of fun mixing and measuring and our flapjack looks yummy!  Please see our Forest School page for information about his week’s activities. 


Maths: Our focus this week has been 'time'.  We have been learning about the days of the week through stories and songs.  We shared Mr Wolf’s week and ‘The Hungry Caterpillar’ which helped us with our sequencing of the days of the week.


Expressive Arts: On Wednesday we join KS1 for Music.  We have continued exploring a variety of percussion instruments and learning to change the sound by playing our instrument in a different way.  We have also been joining in with ‘Dinosaur Stomp’.  During Art we have started to paint the back drop to our new classroom display. 


Physical Development: This week we have been working on our hand to eye co-ordination by practising our throwing and catching skills and playing lots of agility games.  We have also spent time this week forming our ‘one-armed robot letters’ (b, h, m, n, p, r,) and our numbers (0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5). 

Literacy/Understanding of the World: This week we started to learn about harvest and why this is such an exciting and important time of the year.  This week we found out what an important job a farmers scarecrow has and have made our own scarecrows ready for our new display.  We thought about a number of foods which we harvest in the UK.  We have also begun to sequence short stories both verbally and by ordering pictures.  Please see our Forest School page for information about his week’s activities. 


Phonics: Along with learning our key sounds for the week (please refer to phonics diary), we have been learning how to segment words (break down words into sounds) by using ‘Robbie Robot talk’ - this is tricky and takes lots of practice.   


Maths: Along with our number formation we have been practising our counting of items.  We have been learning to count accurately by counting in a line and crossing items out/or moving the item to the side as we count.  We have been practising our counting from 0-20 and back again.


Expressive Art: On Wednesday we join KS1 for Music.  We have been exploring a variety of percussion instruments and joining in with ‘Dinosaur Stomp’. 


Physical Development: This week we have continued to develop our gymnastic skills.  We have been working on copying our partner’s movements and putting these into a short sequence of movements.  We have spent time this week forming our ‘long ladder letters’ (i, j, l, t, u, y) and our numbers (0, 1, 2, 3). 

Week Beginning: 22/9/14


Literacy/Understanding the World: This week we have started to learn about Autumn.  We have found out why leaves are important and why they change colour at this time of year.  On Thursday as part of Forest School we visited Harcourt Arboretum, have a look at our Forest School page to see the exciting activities we took part in.


Phonics: We have been learning to segment (break down words into sounds) and how blend our sounds into words.


Maths: This week we have been comparing and ordering items by length.  We have been thinking about comparative language (small, smaller and smallest/big, bigger and biggest).  We have also been practising our number formation (0, 1, 2, 3).


Physical Development: During PE on a Wednesday we have continued to practise our Gymnastic skills.  Last week we found out how to balance on different parts of our body. This week we needed to mirror our partners by following all their movements. 


Expressive Art: We got very messy on Monday, using our colour mixing skills to make shades of   orange.   We used the orange paint to stamp lots of hand prints (these will be used next week to make an Autumnal tree in the FS/KS1 entrance).  We also made trees on the playground using natural resources.  We looked very carefully for leaves which were changing colour.

Building work starts!

The Reception class are led by Mrs Field and follow the Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum.  The curriculum is split into seven areas (an abbreviation for each area is given in brackets): Communication and Language (CL), Personal, Social and Emotional Development (PSED), Physical Development (PD), Literacy (L), Mathematics (M), Understanding of the World (UoW), Expressive Arts & Design (EA).  


How do we learn?

Each area has equal weighting and children are given opportunities to develop skills and knowledge in all of these areas through a wide range of activities and play - both adult and child led. Through careful observation and assessment staff are able to move children on in their learning and to also encourage them to participate in identifying the next steps for their learning. 

Home to School routines



New sounds are sent home today.  Please help your child to learn these at home.  Please return your child's Phonics Diary on Monday for new sounds to be entered.





Show and Tell is important for developing speaking and listening skills. Show & Tell will be under a different format this year, we will start in week 2.

PE today - you can bring PE kits in on a Monday.  We will send kits home on a Friday.




Forest School today - please ensure your child wears old, warm clothing to school.  Bring their uniform in a plastic bag.

Homework is set on a Thursday.  It is usually English, Mathematic or Topic based.  Please return homework on Monday morning



Last PE lesson of the week.



When your child starts learning to read they will bring home a new reading book everyday.  Please listen to your child read then write a comment in their Reading Record (for further guidance see our reading guide).

For your child to enjoy reading they need to develop a love of reading.  Encourage your child to spend some quiet time each day looking at picture books, reading favourite stories, sharing comics etc.

Remember to check the website for updates and follow Reception  Clifton Hampden School (@CHPS1847) on twitter.