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Key Stage 1 - Reception (Mrs Julie Field)

Welcome to Reception!

The Reception class are led by Mrs Field and follow the Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum.  The curriculum is split into seven areas (an abbreviation for each area is given in brackets): Communication and Language (CL), Personal, Social and Emotional Development (PSED),  Physical Development (PD), Literacy (L), Mathematics (M), Understanding of the World (UoW), Expressive Arts & Design (EA).  


How do we learn?

Each area has equal weighting and children are given opportunities to develop skills and knowledge in all of these areas through a wide range of activities and play - both adult and child led. Through careful observation and assessment staff are able to move children on in their learning and to also encourage them to participate in identifying the next steps for their learning. 

Our new academic year starts on Wednesday 3rd September 2014. 


Below is an overview of our routines for the week and our timetable.  Please click on the link below to see an overview of planning for term 1.  We will be guided by the children and their interests, so planning may change as the term goes on.


Please check our website regularly for updates. Useful documents and information may also be found on this site.

Home to School routines



New sounds are sent home today.  Please help your child to learn these at home.  Please return your child's Phonics Diary on Monday for new sounds to be entered.






Show and Tell is important for developing speaking and listening skills. Show & Tell will be under a different format this year, we will start in week 2.

PE today - you can bring PE kits in on a Monday.  We will send kits home on a Friday.




Forest School today - please ensure your child wears old, warm clothing to school.  Bring their uniform in a plastic bag.

Homework is set on a Thursday.  It is usually English, Mathematic or Topic based.  Please return homework on Monday morning



Last PE lesson of the week.



When your child starts learning to read they will bring home a new reading book everyday.  Please listen to your child read then write a comment in their Reading Record (for further guidance see our reading guide).

For your child to enjoy reading they need to develop a love of reading.  Encourage your child to spend some quiet time each day looking at picture books, reading favourite stories, sharing comics etc.

Remember to check the website for updates and follow Clifton Hampden School (CHPS1847) on twitter.

Week 3 - 16/5/14


Literacy - We have continued our learning of ‘instruction writing’.  We each needed to think about our routine when getting ready for bed.  We had to make sure our writing was in the correct order, we couldn’t have somebody going to bed, then putting on their pyjamas!


Mathematics - This week we have been learning about capacity and learning some very important vocabulary (full, nearly full, half full, half empty, nearly empty and empty).  We used the water tray and sandpit to show the different volumes. 


Understanding of the World - We are continuing our learning about creatures.  Today we learnt about the life cycle of a butterfly.  We found out butterflies lay eggs, which hatch and become a caterpillar, that weaves a cocoon and then a beautiful butterfly comes out.  Please loot at our Forest School page to view this weeks learning.


Art/DT - Our castles our really coming along!  This week we applied paper and glue to our castle (papier mâché) and painted it.


Topic - Instead of Topic on Thursday, we spent our time with the new Reception children who will be starting in September.  We had lots of fun showing them some of our activities.

Week 3 - 5/5/14


Literacy - A shorter week than normal, but we have still packed lots in!  This week we shared ‘Charlie’s Superhero Underpants!’  This story brought lots of giggles (Charlie lost his underpants) - especially when we designed our own underpants to wear as a superhero. 


Maths - We focussed on measure this week (length) and how to use comparative language when looking at three items of different size.  We learnt how to label items using short/shorter/shortest, tall/taller/tallest, big/bigger/biggest etc.


Understanding of the World - On Tuesday we sorted materials by type (wood, plastic, metal, glass, brick/stone).  We then sorted materials by their properties: soft, hard, rough, smooth - This was more tricky and we had to think really carefully which properties our item had.  During Forest School we looked for ‘Signs of Spring’ - please see the Forest School page for more info.  On Thursday we joined KS1 to continue our learning about castles.  We found out about all the important parts of a castle and why a castle is so well protected.


Expressive Arts - During Music we continued learning about pitch.  We are learning a new song ‘I want to play in a band’ and we started to learn how to put our own music to a song.  During Art we designed and decorated superhero underpants. On Friday we joined KS1 for Art and painted each other’s portrait.


Physical Development - We continued with practising our throwing and catching skills.  We then moved on to dribbling and kicking a ball.  Kicking a ball was fun and we were able to score lots of goals, but dribbling a ball was hard! 

Week 2 - 28/5/14


Literacy: We have continued with our topic, thinking about what special powers a superhero may need.  We then had to think about which powers we would like our own superhero to have.  Using our phonic skills we were able to record our information, only needing a little support from Mrs Field.


Maths: This week we have been learning how to add 2 numbers together using a number line.  In the past we used counters/our fingers, now we are learning how to count on from a set number, counting the hops (not the stops as we go), if we have counted carefully the number we land on is the answer to our addition sum!


Understanding of the World: Using the computer, we made labels for our Superhero.  We had to decide on a name for our own superhero: 'The Mighty...Doctor... Super... etc. We then used 2Simple software to make a label.  During Topic KS1 are learning about Castles, we join them on Thursday so we found out how castles have changed over time.


Expressive Arts: During Music we found out about 'pitch' and how musical instruments have low, middle and high sounds.  We were able to use the instruments to make sounds which incorporated low, middle and high sounds. We have started to make our superhero shields. We also made crowns during Art with Miss Priddle on Friday.


Physical Development: During PE we have been practising our throwing and catching.  We are getting pretty good!  We know we need to have our hands ready to catch an item and we also need to be watching the person that is throwing!  We played lots of games so that we could practise our skills.


Week 1 – 21/4/14


Literacy – This week we have been learning about Superheroes. We have found out what a superhero is and what special powers they may have.  We then designed our own superhero. 


Maths – We have been learning about time – which is tricky!  We started the week by naming the days of the week, then putting them in the correct order; learning that there are 7 days in a week. Later in the week we looked at clocks and how we read ‘o’clock’.   We practised by playing ‘What’s the time Mr Wolf?’


Understanding of the World – We have been looking at the seasons and what happens during Spring.  We made blossom trees (on display in the classroom), using different types of media.


Expressive Arts – During Music we have been learning about ‘pitch’.  We found out we can have high, low and middle sounds.  We were able to practise by using the musical instruments. 









Our topic this term will be Superheroes

Please click on the link below to look at an overview of planning for the coming term.











Overview of planning - Term 5

Welcome back to term 5 - I hope you all had a wonderful Easter break, enjoying the glorious sunshine.  We welcome Archie to Reception and hope he and his family enjoy being part of Clifton Hampden School.

Week 5 – 24/3/14


Literacy: We have completed our alternative stories of The Three Billy Goats from Gruff’.  Our stories have some very scary characters: A giant, Voldermort, and a bone eating giant!


Maths: This week we have been looking at pattern.  We started with simple patterns and as the week progressed we were able to make a number of tricky patterns.


Understanding of the World: On Tuesday instead of Forest School, Joe’s mum organised a trip to the Earth Trust to see the lambs.  We saw lots of lambs which hadn’t long been born.  We had juice and a biscuit in the Earth Trust’s new wigwam before returning to school.


Expressive Arts: During Music we finished our shakers.  We were then able to use these to make sound.  We started with call and respond chants, then each child was able to have a turn at making their own rhythms 

Week 3 - 10/3/14


Literacy: We are continuing our story writing by learning through Traditional Tales.  This week we listened to the story '3 Billy Goats from Gruff'.  We found out why the goats needed to cross the bridge and who was trying to stop them.  We had to think about three characters we would like to cross the bridge and who might be trying to stop us.  Next week we will use our story plans to help write a short story.


Mathematics: We looked at 2D (flat shapes) and 3D shapes.  We are able to name many shapes and can use some mathematical language when describing our shapes. Click on the link to play a shape game: http://more2.starfall.com/m/math/geometry-content/load.htm?f&d=demo&n=enviro-shapes&y=1


Understanding of the World: Please look at our Forest School page to see all the fun things we did at Forest School this week.  During Topic we have been learning about the differences and similarities between school life in Africa.


Expressive Art: In Music we continued our work on instruments.  We found out how to make an instrument using a tub, pasta, sand, lentils, barley and paperclips.  We also thought about the different types of sound we could make (high, low, long short).  During Art we looked at African weaving. We made our own - have a look at the large window in KS1 to see our weaving.



Week 2 - 3/3/14


Literacy: Tuesday was Shrove Tuesday - we marked the occasion by reading Mama Panya's Pancakes.  Then we made pancakes with lemon and sugar - yummy :)



Mathematics: We have continued this week with subtraction.  We built on last weeks work and also learnt how to record subtraction sums.  Click on the link for a fun subtraction game: http://www.topmarks.co.uk/Flash.aspx?f=TakeAway


Understanding of the World: We are now back to Forest School - see our separate page for all the exciting things we did.  During Topic we are learnt about the life of a little girl in Africa and how she spends her day.


Expressive Arts: We are continuing to learn about instruments and how their sound can be changed - next week we are going to make our own instruments!

Week 1 (24/2/14):


Literacy/Understanding of the World: This week we have been looking at signs of Spring. We found new shoots in the garden and the snowdrops are flowering well.  the daffodils are beginning to flower and buds are beginning to appear on the trees.


We have also thought about our own goals - recognising what we are good at and what we would like to improve this term.


Mathematics: This week we have started to look at subtraction.  We begun by looking at number patterns in descending order and how to use the number line to complete our number problems.  We then learnt about the subtraction sign (-) and some of the language which means subtract and is involved in subtraction sums: less, take-away, getting smaller, fewer.



Week 4 (27/1/14)

Literacy - This week we have been sharing the Gingerbread Man.  We read part of the story, then had to think about how the Gingerbread Man could cross the stream.  We then finished the story off using our own ideas.  One Gingerbread Man made it to safety and one was eaten by a farmer!  


Maths - We have learnt about estimating - this was tricky because you could guess!  We thought about making realistic guesses and with a bit of practise we were able to do this.  We then had to count carefully to see how realistic our guess was.  We have also been learning about position this week; we learnt about 1st, 2nd 3rd etc, about language which described position: next to, underneath, above, below etc, and finally we used the laptops to complete a programme which involved us going forward, backwards, left and right.  


Please ask your child if they can remember how to work out which is their left hand (hopefully they will make an 'L' shape with the left thumb and first finger, telling you L = left!). 


Expressive Arts - More rhythms in Music and lots of noise from instruments, we are getting very good at this now and we can play along with year 1 and 2 keeping in time!  During topic we have been looking at African rainforests, this week we have made lots of rainforest animals - please see our display in the classroom.


Understanding of the World - What a busy week! We have found about British and African animals, sorting them into groups.  We have found about African rainforests and all the different animals that live there. On Friday we celebrated Chinese New Year by learning about some of their traditions and customs.  We were then able to taste rice, noddles, prawn crackers and dipping sauce - yummy :)

Week 3 (20/1/14):

Literacy: This week we have been sharing Handa's Surprise.  We have continued to learn about descriptive language and how we can use this to describe an item, mainly the fruit from Handa's basket.  We then told our own stories based on Handa's Surprise.


Maths: Time - we have been naming, ordering and sorting the days of the week.  We have thought about all the different activities we do on different days to help us remember the order of the days.  We have also completed lots of sequencing activities things about the correct order of events.


Expressive Arts: We have continued with our topic work of Africa and Traditional Tales.  This week we painted sunsets using yellow and red paint, blending to make a beautiful sunset.  We then cut out silhouettes of African animals to  add to the sunset.  During Music we have continued with rhythms and begun to use the percussion instruments. 


Understanding of the World: We have learnt about a number of animals which live in the savannah of Africa and about their young.  We found out how the mother looks after the baby and then made our own animals (see year 1 and 2 page for photographs).   



Week 2 (13/1/14): 

Literacy - We have been sharing the book 'The Three Little Pigs' this week.  We looked at the main characters from the story and thought about the story setting.  We also thought about how we could describe two characters, using some fantastic language (please see our work in the FS/KS1 corridor).  


Maths - At the start of the week we recapped our work on 2D (flat) shapes, we then moved on to 3D shapes.  We have been learning about and using in our play: cubes, cuboids, spheres, cylinders and pyramids . Click on the link to play a 3D shape matching game: http://www.primaryresources.co.uk/online/longshape3d.html


Expressive Arts: During Music we have continued with our rhythm work, using the names of African animals we can copy a rythm.  We have also had a go at making our own rhythms.  During Art we are making an 'African Lookout' in the class room and a 'Story Den' in the garden - we have been very busy!


Understanding of the World: We are learning about living and non-living things.  This week week we did lots of sorting to help us identify the differences between the two groups.  

Week 1 (6/1/14):  

We have had a busy start to the New Year: During Literacy we have been sharing our holiday news, which we then wrote about. We worked really hard with our writing, thinking about which letters we needed to make certain sounds.  We also tried extra hard with letter formation, thinking about where our letters start and end.  Click on the following link to show you how to form your letters correctly:   http://www.ictgames.com/sky_writing.html


During Maths we have been learning about Money.  We have used one pence and two pence coins to by items from a pretend shop.  Money can be a tricky skill to master and needs lots of practise.  Allow your child as many opportunities as possible to handle money and if possible pay for small items.  


Expressive Arts has been lots of fun this week: We painted pictures to accompany our Holiday News writing (see our display in the classroom).  We found out which colours we need to make orange.  During Music we have been learning about rhythms.



Happy New Year


I would like to wish all our children and families a very Happy New Year.   I hope you all enjoyed the festive celebrations and are well rested.


Term 3 will start on Tuesday 7 January 2014.  This term Reception's learning will be delivered through the topic 'Traditional Tales' (please see link below for an overview of planning).  We have many exciting activities planned, where we will continue to practise skills learnt and of course learn many new skills.  Our timetable has changed a little this term (please click on the link below).  We aim to stick to our timetable, but it can be subject to change.


Overview of Planning - Term 3

Updated timetable - Term 3

Week beginning: 2-12-13


It has been a busy start to December with the countdown to Christmas beginning.                                   



Literacy: We shared the story Russell’s Christmas Magic with KS1.  Russell helped Santa to make a new sleigh enabling all the presents to be delivered in time for Christmas.  Sam designed and wrote about an alternative sleigh and John and Faith wrote about the safe delivery of the Christmas presents.


Maths: We started the week by learning about repeating patterns.  We tested out a number of patterns on the interactive whiteboard and by using the teddy bear counters.  We then made our own repeating patterns in the form of paper chains. Have a look around the classroom to see our pattern work. 

Later on in the week we moved on to measure.  We sorted our paper chains by length and counted the rings used to make the chains.  We were able to use our chains to measure items in the classroom. We used the language: short, shorter and shortest, long, longer and longest.   

Understanding of the World: We have also been finding out 

about a very special story that involves… Mary, Joseph, a donkey, an inn keeper or two, wise men, angels, shepherds, sheep, birds, a big star and three twinkling stars and a baby called Jesus… Come to our performance next week and you too can learn about this very special story!





Expressive Arts:  We have been extra busy this week; we finished decorating our clay work - look below to see our finished products.  We made wooden baubles to decorate the Christmas tree and we helped to make the Winter Wonderland display in the entrance!

Clay Work


This week Reception have been learning about Pets.  They have found out what makes a good pet and how it needs to be looked after.  Sam, Faith and John then thought about a pet they could make from the clay.  


It was hard work to shape the clay into a pet - we had to push, pull and roll the clay.  When we had completed our pet we were very proud!


We finished our clay pets by painting and later varnishing.  We checked our designs to make sure we were happy with the colours we had selected and carefully painted our work.  The clay is really hard now and very fragile.  

Finished clay work

Reception 2013

Reception 2013 1