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Key Stage 2 - Year 3 and 4

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Week beginning 13.3.17                (T4 wk4) 

Thank you to Miss Abbas who has been with us for the last 8 weeks. We wish you every success for your future as a teacher.

Maths: Fractions - We have been finding fractions of numbers.

English: We have been focusing on character descriptions.

Science: We continued to investigate sound through lots of different experiments (photos below).

Topic: We presented our Power Points on our different composers and begun to come up with some dance moves for the 10 pieces. (photos below)

Forest school: We continued our carousel of activities: bubbles, den building and fire! (action shots on the forest school site).


Week beginning 6.3.17                (T4 wk3) 

Maths: We have been using our knowledge of multiplication and division to solve problems.

English: We have been focusing on writing setting descriptions.

Science: We continued to investigate sound through lots of different experiments (photos below).

Topic: We presented our Power Points on our different composers (photos below)

Forest school: We started a carousel of activities: bubbles, den building and fire! (action shots on the forest school site).


Week beginning 27.2.17                (T4 wk2) 

What an incredible world book day! Thank you to everyone for making such a great effort (photos below).

Maths: We have been looking at division and how it links to multiplication.

English: We have continued retelling the story of Cinderella.

Science: We investigated sound through lots of different experiments (photos below).

French: We looked at the festival Mardi Gras and ate some delicious pancakes (photos below).

Topic: We have created PowerPoints on our different composers. 

Forest school: We created mythical creatures/ woodland animals out of clay (photos on the forest school site).


Week beginning 20.2.17                (T4 wk1) 

A big thank you to Ola and her mum for sharing some delicious doughnuts with us on Fat Thursday.

Maths: This week we have been focusing on multiplication and continuing to learn our times tables (photos below).

English: We have been retelling the story of Cinderella (photos below).

Science: How do we hear sound?

PE: Clark the Tag rugby coach, who is with us for the next 5 weeks, came in and taught us all some new skills (photos below).

Topic: We have been researching famous composers and creating presentations on them (photos below)!

Forest school: We used map reading skills on our local walk today (photos on the forest school site).


Week beginning 6.2.17                (T3 wk6) 

Wishing you a happy half term everyone. Jobs to do this week: revise spellings and times tables facts, lots of reading and of course - have fun!

Maths: shop  (photos below).

English: What strange goings on have happened this week in year 3/4? (photos below).

Science: How are fossils made? (photos below).

PE: Gymnastics (photos below).

Topic: Guilty or not guilty? We held an Anglo-Saxon in court: Nina, Henry, Lou, Sam, Christopher and Melissa - let us decide your fates! (photos below) 

French: Mrs Campbell brought in some French delicacies for us to sample. Who was brave enough to try the escargots? (photos below).


Week beginning 30.1.17                (T3 wk5) 

Photos uploaded from last week's tennis session, morning work activities and visit to the Sheldonian Theatre.

Maths: calculating, using and problem solving with money (photos below).

English: Accurate use of speech punctuation between our characters in The Iron Man. Drama helped us empathise with the characters (photos below).

Science: Erosion - how rocks are worn away over time (photos below).

Forest School: Tree planting (photos below).

Topic: Anglo-Saxon burials - using the items buried, who was the person and what did they do? (photos below) 


Week beginning 23.1.17                (T3 wk4) 

Maths: We have been practising our mental and written methods of subtraction.

English: We have been writing descriptions using similes and also had a debate - The Iron Man is an evil creature.

Music: We enjoyed a trip to the Sheldonian Theatre and watched an incredible orchestra perform classical pieces as well as the Star Wars theme tune and a medley from Frozen - thanks Mrs Fell.

PE: We had tennis coaching from Charlie who helped us hone our accuracy with a racket.



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Class Information


Your child will have P.E. on a Wednesday and Friday.

During the terms when we do forest school we will not be doing P.E. on a Friday.

P.E. on a Wednesday changes term to term but you will be informed at the beginning of each term whether your child needs a P.E. kit or swimming kit.

Your child's P.E. kit should be weather appropriate including a change of T-shirt, socks, trainers and a jumper.

Your child will be given spellings to learn on a Monday and will be tested on the following Monday.

If children do not get a sufficient amount correct in their test, they will come back on Wednesday lunch time to be tested again.

If your child is doing phonics with me on a Mon - Thurs morning, their spellings will be linked to the sounds we have learnt.


Homework  in KS2

  • Read daily (see ‘Reading at home’ information sheet sent home)

  • Learn spellings (set on Monday – tested on following Monday)

  • Learn number facts including times tables

  • Complete a reading activity – Your child will be given a set of activities on stickers at the beginning of term. These will be targeted at your child's reading level. Each week your child will be expected to complete one activity in their homework book. This needs to be handed in every Monday. 

  • A Mini Project, linked to in class learning, to be completed over several weeks.

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We ask all parents to encourage their child to read every day. It is still important for many children to read with an adult, as well as independently, to ensure they are sounding words out correctly, understanding new vocabulary and ensuring a good overall  comprehension of the book.


Bed times stories are also encouraged!


In addition to this, it is important for children to practice their maths skills such as learning their times tables, telling the time and using money. These topics are covered within school, however, they are tricky to learn and retain. The more practice your child has with these 3 aspects of maths the easier your child will be able to apply them into all areas of their learning.


In our class we have a mental maths test every Monday morning (starting in term 2). It is comprised of multiplication questions, doubling/halving, shape, word problems, time, addition, subtraction and other areas of the maths curriculum we have been learning about the week before.


Helpful websites to support mathematical learning:





Baking, board games and practising times tables in the car  on the way to school (short bursts) are just a few ways of practising key skills.


We have multiplication flash cards available in the classroom to support the learning of multiplication facts (times tables).


Please see the schools calculation booklet which we sent home for other practical ideas to help your child with their maths.


If you have any questions please come and see me at any time!


To view our daily time table, click on the documents below. Please note timetables are flexible to allow for special events, trips and extended learning opportunities. 

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