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Key Stage 2 - Year 3 and 4

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Week beginning 15.5.17                (T5 wk4) 

Olympic Sports day at Tilsley Park was a huge success - photos are on latest news.

Maths: We have been finding the area of rectangles by using our times table knowledge. We have also gone back to focus on subtraction to ensure swift and accurate methods are achieved (photos below).

English: We have watched a wordless cartoon called 'The Catch'. Our aim is to now write the story in our own words. We have been looking at the emotions of the characters. We are trying to extend our vocabulary so we don't just say happy, sad or scared. Some of us have been investigating how we show, not tell these emotions (photos below).

Topic: We have begun to create our shoebox rainforests (photos below).



Week beginning 8.5.17                (T5 wk3) 

We have been joined by Year 5 during the mornings while Year 6 have been busy with SATS. We have loved having you with us Year 5 - thanks for working hard!

Maths: Length: Measuring accurately to work out the perimeter of cages for our conservation sanctuary for Brazilian animals (photos below).

English: Continuation of explanation text  - we can tell you how an oven really works (photos below).

Topic: Where in the world are the rainforests? Labelling the different parts of a rainforest. Please bring in a shoe box or a box of a similar size for Thursday's topic lesson.

PE: Dance is the theme this term, carnival style (photos below)!

Science/ computing: Creating our own branching data to group/describe animals (photos below).


Week beginning 2.5.17                (T5 wk2) 

Thank you to all who came to our performance at Dorchester and especially for our two meals! Photos below.

Maths: Place value - counting, decimals and rounding numbers.

English: We have been writing explanation texts all about the water cycle (photos below).

Topic: Amazing Amazon is our theme this term. We know where to find it in the world and how the equator and tropics effect the climate and land use. We have learnt about some key landmarks, people and some of the exports - predominantly food(photos below)

PE: Dance is the theme this term, carnival style (photos below)!

Science: Habitats and living things (photos below).

Forest School: We are undergoing a carousel of activities linked with our science topic of living things and their habitats.

- Creating food chains

- Bug hunting - identification using books and keys.

- creating suitable habitats for organisms in the forest and adjoining meadow (photos available on our forest school page).


Week beginning 3.4.17                (T4 wk7) 

Thank you to all who came to our end of term Easter assembly in church (photos below). We wish you all a peaceful Easter.

Maths: 3D shape - naming, describing the properties of and drawing 3D shapes (photos below).

English: Letters (photos below).

RE: Passover and Easter plus our mathematical Easter egg hunt (photos below)

PE: We went to Tilsley park for a rugby tournament (photos below). After realising which way we had to run, we did very well and had a great time showing off our newly acquired skills. We had two teams: Clifton 1 came 3rd in their division and Clifton 2 came 2nd in theirs. Well done Yrs3/4! 


Week beginning 27.3.17                (T4 wk6) 

Thank you to all who made our 10 Pieces performance such a wonderful evening particularly Mrs Fell (photos below and on Mrs Fell's music page).

Maths: Time - converting different measures of time including days and months as well as more practice at telling the time.

English: We had some miniature visitors to the class this week who needed our help. We wrote letters of complaint to support them. We also wrote some very important thank you letters to everyone who helped make our 10 Pieces performance a success (photos below).

Science/DT: We made quite a racket creating musical instruments out of junk then made some musical performances with them (photos below)

Forest school: we made fire and toasted some delicious marshmallows (action shots on the forest school site).




Amazing Amazon

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Class Information


Your child will have P.E. on a Wednesday and Friday.

During the terms when we do forest school we will not be doing P.E. on a Friday.

P.E. on a Wednesday changes term to term but you will be informed at the beginning of each term whether your child needs a P.E. kit or swimming kit.

Your child's P.E. kit should be weather appropriate including a change of T-shirt, socks, trainers and a jumper.

Your child will be given spellings to learn on a Monday and will be tested on the following Monday.

If children do not get a sufficient amount correct in their test, they will come back on Wednesday lunch time to be tested again.

If your child is doing phonics with me on a Mon - Thurs morning, their spellings will be linked to the sounds we have learnt.


Homework  in KS2

  • Read daily (see ‘Reading at home’ information sheet sent home)

  • Learn spellings (set on Monday – tested on following Monday)

  • Learn number facts including times tables

  • Complete a reading activity – Your child will be given a set of activities on stickers at the beginning of term. These will be targeted at your child's reading level. Each week your child will be expected to complete one activity in their homework book. This needs to be handed in every Monday. 

  • A Mini Project, linked to in class learning, to be completed over several weeks.

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We ask all parents to encourage their child to read every day. It is still important for many children to read with an adult, as well as independently, to ensure they are sounding words out correctly, understanding new vocabulary and ensuring a good overall  comprehension of the book.


Bed times stories are also encouraged!


In addition to this, it is important for children to practice their maths skills such as learning their times tables, telling the time and using money. These topics are covered within school, however, they are tricky to learn and retain. The more practice your child has with these 3 aspects of maths the easier your child will be able to apply them into all areas of their learning.


In our class we have a mental maths test every Monday morning (starting in term 2). It is comprised of multiplication questions, doubling/halving, shape, word problems, time, addition, subtraction and other areas of the maths curriculum we have been learning about the week before.


Helpful websites to support mathematical learning:





Baking, board games and practising times tables in the car  on the way to school (short bursts) are just a few ways of practising key skills.


We have multiplication flash cards available in the classroom to support the learning of multiplication facts (times tables).


Please see the schools calculation booklet which we sent home for other practical ideas to help your child with their maths.


If you have any questions please come and see me at any time!


To view our daily time table, click on the documents below. Please note timetables are flexible to allow for special events, trips and extended learning opportunities. 

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The Olympics

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