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Key Stage 2 - Year 3 and 4

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We love to read here! Here are a few non-fiction publications which we recommend:

We love to read here! Here are a few non-fiction publications which we recommend: 1
We love to read here! Here are a few non-fiction publications which we recommend: 2
We love to read here! Here are a few non-fiction publications which we recommend: 3

Weekly News:

18.5.18   Thank you so much to Year 5 who joined us this week while Year 6 did their SATs. It was a pleasure having you in the class again.

English: We have been writing our own adventures stories from our imagination.

Maths: Converting measures of time - seconds to minutes; mintues to hours; hours to days; days to weeks; weeks and months to years; years into centuries and decades etc We need lots more practise at actually telling the time!

Topic: Air raid precautions.

PE: WWII swing dancing.

Science: Forces - friction.

Morning Work: We are enjoying practising our spellings and phonic sounds on an iPad game called Wordscape.

Forest School: Whittling, bug hunting and knot work. 


27.4.18   Thank you so much for finding all the information on your relatives. It has been truly illuminating. We have all loved sharing our stories and pride about our Great Grandparents.

English: What makes an effective adventure story? Description, pace, excitement, mystery - ours really                                 are fantastic!

Maths: Addition - written and mental methods (photos below). 

Topic: Our link to the recent past. What did our family members do during the war?

Computing: We are learning how to code and create programmes. For this, we have to be logical, solve

                      problems, debug and fix errors, use our maths skills (angle work, turns, shape etc) and also                                      demonstrate a lot of perseverance (photos below)!

PE: Circuit training and skills (photos below).

Science: Forces - What is a force and how do we measure them?

Morning Work: Map work, puzzles, reading and playing/ exploring our very own Anderson Shelter (photos below).

Forest School: We went on a local walk today. Please see the Forest School web page for photos.


20.4.18   Welcome back everyone! I hope you all had a super Easter break.

               We have a new art teacher who is teaching KS2 on a Thursday afternoon - Miss Woods.                                 Welcome to the team!

English: Recount of our holidays and began looking at how to  write an effective adventure story.

Maths: Place Value - I can round numbers to the nearest whole number/ ten/ hundred.

Topic: Our new topic is WWII. How did it all begin? How long did it last for? Who did it effect?

RE: Did Jesus really perform miracles?


23.3.18   Thank you for a wonderful week everybody!

English: We have been writing diary entries from Howard Carters perspective.

Maths: We have aced fractions this week.

Topic: How did Tutankhamun die and was his tomb cursed?


16.3.18   After 8 wonderful weeks, Miss O'Neill has finished her time with us. We want to wish her luck in her future career as a teacher. We know she is going to be fantastic. Good Luck Miss O'Neil and thank you for your very generous gifts to us - some class books!

English: We have been writing our own adventure stories - building suspense and excitement!

Maths: Becoming masters of time.

Science: States of matter - reversible and irreversible changes.

Topic: Making canopic jars out of clay.

Forest School: Photos below.


9.3.18   Thank you all for making World Book Day such a huge success. Please come into the entrance hall to see a display of the children's work and book recommendations (photos below).


English: We have been writing 'show, not tell' clues to how a character might feel linked with our class book of Stig of the dump'.

Maths: Multiplying any number by 5, 4 and 8. Some of us have been developing the grid method for multiplication.

Science: States of matter - changing states.

Topic: Tombs - what did the Ancient Egyptians want to take with them into the after life?

PE: Tennis with Ollie and Juan; volley ball with Miss O'Neill (photos below).

Forest School: Photos below.


Class Information

Your child will have P.E. on a Wednesday and Friday.

This term:

Wednesday 2 - 3: Swimming at Berinsfield Sports Centre.

Friday 1 - 3: Forest School.

Please ensure your child has suitable footwear (wellies or walking boots), trousers (no jeans), t-shirt, jumper and coat. We do recommend waterproof gear and old clothes which you don't mind getting muddy!

Your child will be given spellings to learn on a Monday and will be tested on the following Monday.

Children learn spellings in different ways:

  • writing them
  • saying them
  • viewing flash cards
  • using a look, cover, write sheet

If children do not get a sufficient amount correct in their test, they will come back on Wednesday lunch time to be tested again. 

We ask all parents to encourage their child to read every day.


It is still important for many children to read with an adult, as well as independently, to ensure they are:

  • sounding words out correctly
  • understanding new vocabulary
  • ensuring a good comprehension of the book

It is important for children to practice their maths skills such as learning their times tables, telling the time and using money. These topics are covered within school, however, they are tricky to learn and retain. The more practice your child has with these 3 aspects of maths the easier your child will be able to apply them into all areas of their learning.


In our class we have a mental maths test every Monday morning. We shall start this later on in Term 1.  It is comprised of multiplication questions, doubling/halving, shape, word problems, time, addition, subtraction and other areas of the maths curriculum we have been learning about the week before.


Helpful websites to support mathematical learning:





We have multiplication flash cards available in the classroom.

Please see the schools calculation booklet which we will send home for other practical ideas to help your child with their maths. If you have any questions please come and see me at any time!

Priorities: Reading, spellings, telling the time and learning times tables -these must be reinforced at home to support children's learning within school.


Homework books are given on a Thursday and must be returned on a Monday. If your child fails to complete their homework to a good standard they will stay in during their break to redo it.


Homework for this term is based around reading. Your child will need to complete a 'reading task' sticker of their choice based upon their current school or home reading book. This must be age appropriate. 


During the term we may set a project to be completed over a set amount of weeks. More information to follow.


To view our daily time table, click on the documents below. Please note timetables are flexible to allow for special events, trips and extended learning opportunities. 
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Ancient Egyptians


The Tudors

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A huge congratulations and well done to these three stars for completing the 'Summer Reading Challenge'!

A huge congratulations and well done to these three stars for completing the 'Summer Reading Challenge'! 1
A huge congratulations and well done to these three stars for completing the 'Summer Reading Challenge'! 2