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Meet the Staff

At Clifton Hampden C of E Primary School we have a very hard working staff, dedicated to meeting the needs of all the children in our care. We are committed to making learning enjoyable and meaningful.
Picture 1 Headteacher: Miss Lindsay Priddle
Picture 2 Year 5/6 Teacher: Mrs Denise Wake
Picture 3 Year 3/4 Teacher: MIss Emma Haines
Picture 4 Foundation Stage Teacher: Mrs Julie Field
Picture 5 Year 1/2 Teacher: Mrs Sarah Hutchinson
Picture 6 Part Time Teacher: Mrs Elizabeth Fell
Picture 7 KS1 Teaching Assistant: Ms Maria Smith
Picture 8 Y5/6 Teaching Assistant: Mrs Victoria Campbell
Picture 9 Year 3/4 Teaching Assistant: Mrs Mary Small
Picture 10 KS1 Teaching Assitant & Librarian: Mrs Sally Croft
Picture 11 School Administrator: Mrs Carla Robey
Picture 12 Peripatetic Music Teacher: Mrs Alison Garnett
Picture 13 Sports Coaches: Chris Aplin & Jake Halliday
Picture 14 Lunchtime Server: Mrs Mary Windebank
Picture 15 I.T. Consultant: Mike Burton

Cleaner: Mr Peter Field


Medical/Therapy Staff: We have regular visitors in school to deliver specialist provision to pupils with special needs e.g., Occupational Therapy, Speech and Language etc.


Our School Nurse is Lauren Harding and the office contact number is 01865 904890.