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Celebration Book 23rd March

Super Spring Celebrations this week!

Three cheers to all of Years 5 & 6 for their beautiful singing in the OCC Schools Pop Concert last week. Well done to Nina, Lily, William and Anna for their solos!

Isabella (Y1) ~ For thinking carefully about making her writing interesting and working hard towards her targets.

Dulcie ~ For beginning to challenge herself and improving her problem solving skills.

Bailey-May ~ For having a positive attitude to learning.

Josie - For working so hard to improve her now beautiful handwriting which is clear and neat.

Lisa ~ For growing confidence in her writing and using phonics more consistently.

William ~ For producing thoughtful diary entries about the discovery of Tutankhamun in the role of Howard Carter.

Christopher ~ For identifying nets of 3D shapes, using isometric drawings to build shapes with cubes and making a dodecahedron from magnetic polydrons.

Maïa ~ For taking on the responsibility of helping serve lunch and clearing away efficiently.  


Young Art Oxford selected artworks for May 2018 Exhibition.

Congratulations to; Cecilia, Andreas, Ala, Daisy, Olivia, Samantha, Charell, and Rutendo for your great 'Journeys' themed artworks being selected to go on display at the Ashmolean Museum!