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Mermaid And Pirate Cooking and Picnic

What an exciting day Reception and Key Stage 1 had today. We had a pirate and mermaid party! 


We started the day with visitors (Steve and Tash - chefs from The Chequers)  who worked with us to spend the morning cooking a feast for our party picnic. We worked in four groups to make four savoury dishes (Pizza, Sausage Roll, Cheese Straws, Pesto Pinwheels) and four sweet dishes (Fruit Skewers, Raspberry Mousse, Marshmallow Squares, Shortbread).  


After lunch we had a pirate treasure hunt which involved finding letters in the playground which spelt out a secret message. Following this we had fun in the paddling pool finding treasure coins which allowed us to enjoy eating our picnic food.


As the children had worked so hard we had a surprise cake (pirate ship) to finish the day. 


Thank you to Tash and Steve from the Chequers and everyone who volunteered to do it.