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Term 2

What Have We Been Learning?

We begin Forest School on Friday (03/11/17) with a local walk.  Please ensure consent forms and payment are returned by Monday 06/11/17 in time for our site visit.
Today (03/11/17) we enjoyed a local walk.  The day began with thick fog but this cleared by mid-morning, giving us a wonderful sunny and warm afternoon. Have a look at our photographs below to see what we got up to!

Week 2 & 3


During these two weeks have worked in two groups (half the children working with Mrs Wake and Mrs Campbell) learning how to read a map to find pictures of hidden creatures to make a food web/food chain.  The remaining children have worked with Mrs Field to use the kelly kettle - their progress and knowledge has been amazing; every child was able to make good sparks using the flint and steel.  Well done to the two children who managed to ignite our small fire today.  


Photographs split into week 2 & week 3

Throughout week 4 Miss Muchechesi, Miss Spurgeon and Mr H Brown planned for a very exciting Forest School session.  Their hard work ensured we all had a brilliant and safe time building Tudor houses on 24/11/17.  Thank you smiley
Today (01/12/17) was our final site visit this term (we have one more session Fores School session, but we will remain local for this one).  Today we enjoyed working in groups to make an obstacle course. Have a look at our photographs to see how much team work was needed today to complete our challenge!

Today (06/12/17) was our final Forest School session.  We had planned to make and use fire but due to circumstances beyond our control we were unable to do this activity (we will enjoy this next term).  The children thoroughly enjoyed walking on the old airfield, climbing one of the oak tree and even spotting a little flurry of snow. 


Forest School will return in term 3 for year 5&6.