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Visions and Values

Clifton Hampden Church of England Primary School is a small village school that seeks to develop the individual child through innovative teaching and shared Christian values. 




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The aims of this school, based around the principle that “Every Child Matters”, are that within a secure and happy environment the children can, through richness and variety of experience:


  • develop high standards of individual achievement across the curriculum
  • have fun whilst developing a love of learning
  • develop self-confidence, conscience, and positive thinking
  • acquire knowledge and skills relevant to life in an ever changing world, including economic well-being
  • learn to respect religious and moral values and to celebrate the diversity of human culture, religions and ways of life through the teaching and values of the Christian faith
  • acquire an understanding of the society in which they live, the interdependence of individuals, groups, communities and nations
  • develop a sense of responsibility and respect towards themselves and others and to form, and sustain, good personal relationships
  • develop an awareness of the need to keep healthy 


And, most importantly, start to develop the capacity to live as independent, self-motivated adults, integrating with, and contributing to society as well as being valued by it.  In working towards achieving these aims, parental involvement is very important and a greatly valued part of our school life.