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Year 3 and 4

What have we been learning?

We are undergoing a carousel of activities linked with our science topic of living things and their habitats.

- Creating food chains

- Bug hunting - identification using books and keys

- Creating suitable habitats for organisms in the forest and adjoining meadow 

Today (31/3/17) was our last Forest School this term - next week school finishes at 2pm.  Have a look at our photographs below, we enjoyed lighting two fires and toasting marshmallows to make smores.  As the fire died back, we were able to get closed to the fire and still feel how hot it was.


Forest School returns next term (term 5) for year 3 and 4.  We have lots planned including working on our bug hotel!

Today (24/3/17) was our final session at Pine Woods – a very impressive den was built, we made some amazing bubbles and after a little trouble getting the fire to light, we were finally able to enjoy hot chocolate! Next week our last Forest Session will take place within the local area.

Today (17/3/17) we continued with our group work  - have a look at our pictures below.


Today we started a carousel of activities:

- Fire: using the kelly kettle to make hot chocolate.

- Measuring: we had to measure different quantities of liquid to make the perfect bubble mixture.

- Creating: we have made some dens each with personal touches.


Today we went on a walk into the woods. We were tasked with making an animal out of clay which would live in that habitat or make a mythical creature which could live there.

24/2/17 We used our map reading skills to walk around the air field and through the woods back to school. We had to identify landmarks around us and match these on the map.
Today (14/11/16) was our final Forest School session this term.  Have a look at our pictures to see the exciting things we did.  We will be back at Forest School during term 4.
Today (7/10/16), having left no kit at school we all took part in two activities.  Miss Haines and her group took part in whittling and Mrs Field's group used the kelly kettle to make hot chocolate.  
Today (30/9/16) we returned to Pine Woods to beginning our group work.  Unfortunately Mrs Field left an essential piece of kit at school - making it impossible for us to complete one activity.  The children were all very understanding and used the time well to create dens, use the swings and explore.  Thankfully Miss Haines was able to complete her groups activity.  Have a look at our pictures to see what we have been doing!
Today (23/9/16) was our first visit to our Forest School of this academic year.  The afternoon began with real excitement with us seeing a combine harvester!  The children were amazed at how big this beast was, with it's huge cutting jaws!  Not far on a frog was spotted!  Once at the site we fixed the boundary line and relocated 2 swings and had lots of fun getting to know our newly formed forest school group.

Today (16/9/16) was our first Forest School and following the morning down pour the weather had dried up.  We all changed into old clothing and footwear and made our way to the old airfield.


We shared ‘Leaf Man by Lois Ehlert’ and used this story to inspire our art work.  We were able to identify a number of leaves which are beginning to change colour and some of us used these in our art.


Please look at our display in the main entrance (next to Mrs Robey’s window), where you will be able to a selection of our work.

Leaf Man by Lois Ehlers

Leaf Man by Lois Ehlers 1
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