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Year 3 and 4

Year 3 and 4 Forest School

Forest School - Friday 16/5/14


Our last Forest School session this year for year 3 and 4.  Today we walked towards Clifton Hampden Heath the weather was good and the ground underfoot dry. 


During Art we have been designing and painting mythical creatures.  Today, at Forest School we used clay to make a mythical creature of our choice.  We could either sculpt the whole creature or part of the creature (a wing, head, or claw etc).


We had a short amount of time to explore the top track.  It has become really churned up and muddy due to the tractors going backwards and forwards to collect the felled trees.

Forest School - Friday 9/5/14


Forest School today was much drier than had been forecast!  Our challenge today was to find as many signs of spring as possible and to make insect hotels.  We needed to think about the best materials to fill our cylinder with to attract insects.  As we wanted to attract creatures that live in a damp dark environment we searched for dead/rotting wood, bark, moss and leaves to fill our insect hotel with.  Some of us even had customers!  We also started to add our own interpretation of important landmarks to our map.  We had to make key for the village hall, log pile and the happy tree.  We used the key to mark the three landmarks on our map.  Have a look at our photographs to see the fantastic work we did on Friday.

Forest School - 2/5/14


Today at Forest School year 3 and 4 had the very important job of leading the way - without getting lost!  They had to follow our planned route on a map, which to start with was a little hard.  First they had to locate where we were situated and identify key features on an ordnance survey map (School, Post Office, Church, river and roads).  They needed to work together to navigate our way from School, along our route, returning in time for lunch.

Week 4 – 28/3/14


Year 3 and 4 embarked on their last Forest School session for term 4.  This week instead of going to our site in Little Wittenham Woods we had Forest School  at Clifton Hampden School.


We began our session by evaluating our group work: we had to think about what we have learnt, the activities we enjoyed, what we found challenging and what we may like to do next at Forest School.  We found a quiet space away from our friends to complete our evaluations.


Next we went into the Foundation Stage area.  We split into our three groups - 2 needed to make fire in the fire pits and the 3rd group needed to light fire for the Kelly Kettle.  It was a challenge today, we persevered, trying many times to keep our fire going once we had lit it, but we were not successful.  Not to be beaten, we popped to the shop to purchase additional supplies!


Once the fires were going, we were able to heat water to make hot drinks, toast bread, and melt marshmallows.


We had a very exciting time and we learnt lots about perseverance this week. 

14/3/14 - What a foggy start!  This week we set off for Forest School in thick fog.  When we arrived at Wittenham Clumps we couldn't see very far at all.  Usually we are aloud to run between each stopping point, but today because it was so foggy we had to stay together as a group.  Miss Haines was a leader, along with three children from year 4.  They had to make sure the group stayed together and they didn't leave anybody behind! 


We carried on with our group work: Group 1 had the responsibility of preparing snack and hot chocolate.  Group 2 made fantastic bubbles and group 3 made whittling sticks.


We are starting to see signs of the changing season and over the coming term this site will change lots.

Term 4 - Year 3 and 4 are back to Forest School on a Friday morning.  We returned to a very water logged site in Little Wittenham.  The route down to the site was very muddy, but great fun - with a few children getting stuck in the mud!


We have continued with group work: Group 1 had the challenge of making giant bubbles, group 2 have started to learn the skill of whittling and group 3 had the challenging task of making sure everyone had a snack and a drink!  


Please click on the link below to view our Forest School planning for term 4.

Forest School Planning - Term 4


During Term 1, Years 3 and 4 embarked on Forest School trips. We visited a site at Wittenham Clumps. 


In our visits, we learnt about using the Kelly Kettle, building tall towers, mini-beasts and orienteering. 


Please click on the link below to view how our activities relate to the National Curriculum.

Term 1 Forest School Planning - Year 3 & 4