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Year 5 and 6

What have we been learning?

Friday 30th June

Our task today was to produce a picture in our picture frames using natural materials. We listened to a German myth about the Silver Birch tree. We then walked over to the airfield collecting leaves, petals, twigs etc to make our pictures based on the story. On the way we also tried to identify some of the trees we passed.


Today (23/6/17) the groups changed over - one group identified trees and the other made picture frames.
Today (16/6/17) we worked in two groups on the school site. One group used keys and books to identify types of trees from their leaves. The other group tackled knots - learning how to make a picture frame using a clove hitch knot and lashing.
Today (10/2/17), despite the dusting of snow we made fire!  After spending a short time collecting sticks, we successfully ignited our fires.  We needed to build our fires up today to make a slightly larger fire as we wanted to heat soup.  Slowly adding sticks so as not to extinguish our flames we made fires which were big enough to warm 2 pans of soup.  Have a look at our pictures below.
Today (2/2/17) we all enjoyed planting a 2 plots of trees in the new Sylva Future Forest.  Our plot number is 79 and 80.  Please see latest news for pictures of today's event.

New to year 5 & 6 is an additional term of Forest School this year. We have decided to stay local (from experience, the river will often flood during this term which makes getting to the Forest School site difficult). We have 3 additional sessions this term 13/1/17, 20/1/17 and 10/2/16.


Our first 2 sessions we have worked in groups, rotating the following week. Activity 1: Making orange bird feeders by cutting an orange in half, scooping out the orange, threading string through and filling with a birdseed mix of seed, oats, currants, biscuits and bound together with melted lard. These were left to set and then hung in the trees for the birds to enjoy their yummy snack. Activity 2: Making tree cookies by using the saw to cut a slice of hazel wood, drill a hole and thread string/wool through. The cookies were then decorated by the children.

Today (2/12/16) was our final session for this term (year 5 and 6 will have more Forest School during term 3).  We began the session be looking at our new Forest School award scheme.  The children will have four awards to work towards during Forest School, learning and using skills related to the outdoors. We also ventured to the old airfield to enjoy a local walk, hot chocolate and a biscuit.
Today (25/11/16) was our final session at our site.  As it was Takeover Day the children took the roles of the adults.  Rosie, Leah and Lou set us a challenge of building the most secure den.  Next week Forest School will be local. 

Today (18/11/16) we switched groups to complete our learning.  Mrs Wake and Mrs Campbell’s group  made stars securing with figure of eight knots and Mrs Field’s group used the kelly kettle to heat water for hot chocolate.  We were all able to remember the key ingredients to make fire and produced sparks using the fire key.  Thank you also to Georgina (who joined us from DGS) for all you help this afternoon.


Today (11/11/16) we split into 3  to complete our tasks. Group 1 worked with Mrs Wake and Mrs Campbell. Today they were learning how to tie figure of eight knots to secure sticks and make stars.  Group 2 worked with Mrs Field using the kelly kettle to boil water. We reminded ourselves of our fire safety rules and built a fire using cotton wool and kindling.We enjoyed hot chocolate and a biscuit before returning to school.

Today (4/11/16) during Forest School we have begun to build our bug hotel.  During Forest School Year 5 and 6 have begun to transform the old pallets into a bug hotel.


Working together, they needed to saw old guttering and pipes to the correct length.   Using the secateurs they cut willow to the correct length and placed this along with bark mulch, moss and leaves into the guttering and pipes before adding these into the pallets.  As you can see levels one and two have been completed – hopefully some creatures will move in soon!