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Year 5 and 6

Year 5 and 6 Forest School

Forest School - 18/7/14


Today we made small fires to toast bread and melt marshmallows.  We collected lots of fuel for our fires - this was a little tricky due to the thunderstorm (including very heavy rain) the night before.  We each used the flint and steel to make ignite the fire. The flint and steel is tricky to use, but we were all successful at making sparks.   We had toast with butter and jam and smores! Please look at the photographs above and below.


Today was our last session - Thank you to Mrs Wake and Mrs Campbell for helping with all the activities.  We would like to wish year 6 well and hope they continue to use the skills they have learnt. smiley

Forest School - 20/6/14


This week was our last session at our Forest School site.  We have one more Forest School session to come on the 18/7/14.  It was another hot start and the stinging nettles down to our site are even taller than last week.  However, the biting insects did seem to be a lot less - thank you to Mr Williams for the insect repellent.


We changed tasks this week, Group 1 were whittling and group 2 had to provide drinks and snacks for the group along with making bubble mixture to use.  A special mention to Sebastian M-N who really had the knack for making really long bubbles, well done! Pleases look at our photographs below.


We have had lots of fun at our Forest School site this year and with just one more session remaining Forest School is nearly at an end for some of our children.

Forest School week 2 - 13/6/14


This week we returned to our site in Little Wittenham Woods.  It was very hot and we were impressed with the keep fit group working out on the top of the Clumps, too hot for us!  Instead we made our way down to the site ready for bubble making or whittling. 


The children worked in one of two groups.  Group one made bubbles and wands with Mrs Campbell.  Whilst this was lots of fun (and of course making the biggest bubble was even more fun), we did have to use our Maths skills to make sure we measured out the correct items to make the bubble mixture.


The remaining children whittled sticks with either Mrs Wake or Mrs Field.  A number of the children thought this was harder than they thought.  We learnt about handling the whittling knife and how to keep ourselves and our friends safe.  


Please looks at our photographs below.

Forest School - 6/6/14


Our first week of Forest School this term with year 5 & 6 brought a slightly different routine.  Forest School (for this week only), took place in the afternoon following a busy morning in and out of class. 


The afternoon was hot and sunny and we tested our map reading skills.  We headed off for Clifton Hampden Heath following our planned route.  Working in pairs the children had to each navigate their part of the walk.   We used key features of a map to help us find our position (Post Office, Church, river and roads).  We all returned to school (only a few minutes after 3.15) without getting lost!


Unfortunately there are no photographs this week as we forgot to collect the camera on our way out of school L.

Week 4: 6-12-13


Another dry day…we are being spoilt!  This was our final week of group work.  Today Group 1 were able to take part in the tallest tower challenge, Group 2 were able to reproduce a donkey, reindeers, a snowman and a tank all using natural resources.  Group 3 were successful using the Kelly Kettle and provided hot drinks for all. 

Week 3 - 29-11-13


The weather was again kind to use this week!  We continued with our group work: Group 1 used natural resources to make some fantastic pictures.  Group 2 used the Kelly Kettle, it was tricky to get going, but they persevered and we all had hot drinks!  Group 3 also learnt about perseverance whilst completing the tallest tower challenge.

Forest School 22-11-13 (Takeover Day). Today Finn was Mrs Field, Georgina was Mrs Wake and Isabel was Mrs Campbell. Look at our pictures which show the activities they planned.

Year 5 and 6 had their first Forest School trip today, enjoying the beautiful weather and the changing landscape. 


Group 1 have been learning how to use the Kelly Kettle, group 2 have been using natural resources to create woodland scenes and group 3 had a challenge involving sticks and wool!   



Click on the link below to see how our Forest School activities link to the National Curriculum.

Term 2 Forest School planning - Year 5 & 6