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Years 3 and 4

Forest School - 22/5/15

In our last Forest School session of the year we made fire! Fire safety was top of our learning which also  included how to light a fire and the opportunity to cook and eat toast!

We also took the time to reflect on our Forest School learning throughout the year. Each child had an evaluation sheet and took themselves to a quiet place to record what they had learnt, would like to do more of and perhaps something new they would like to do next year. One of the stand out comments was from Libby who wrote, "It is perfect as it is!"

Thank you Mrs Field we have had such a wonderful year with you at Forest School.

Forest School - 15/5/15

Forest School - 8/5/15


Our learning this week started with food chains and food webs.  The children needed to think about animals and what they needed to survive (making a simple food chain).  The children then thought about what else their chosen creature might eat, making a food web.  We food out all food chains begin with a plant.  Briefly we thought about what would happen if one of our creatures died and the impact this would have on our food chain.  The children then used their time to hunt for insects and flora, identifying as many different living things as possible. 

Wk 3 (Forest School wk 2):  This week we ventured to ‘BlueBell Wood’ - Have a look at our photographs below to see why we re-named these woods!  The wildflowers at this time of year are a wonderful sight and the perfume they omit is truly delightful.  We took lots of risks this week, wading in thick mud (thank you to Benjamin for rescuing the wellington boot!), crossing the dry streaming and venturing deeper into the woods.  We enjoyed a snack and squash and shared our thoughts - Benjamin and Mrs Campbell saw a muntjac deer!


Wk 2 (Forest School wk 1):


We begin term 5 Forest School on the old airfield at Clifton Hampden.  This week we shared the story Into the Woods by Anthony Browne.  We used the story as a stimulus to create 2D and 3D sculptures using natural materials.  Working in small groups, each group had to decide what had happened to a character in the story.  Each group worked hard to conjure up a piece of art that would represent their thoughts and discussions.

20/3/15: Today the children were in charge of map reading. They had to use the symbols on the map to work out where we were and were we were going using landmarks. They were very good!

13/3/15 - Year 3 and 4 enjoyed their first Forest School of term 4.  Working in groups of 3, the children each needed to look for signs of early spring.  The groups worked hard trying to find as many different items as possible from our list and adding their own ideas too.

(5.12.14) Expedition

This term, year 3 and year 4 have enjoyed 3 weeks at our Forest School site in Little Wittenham Woods.  Each week the children have worked in their key group and taken part in one of three activities.  By then end of week three all children had completed each activity.  Well done to year 3 - it is a steep climb back up from our site and the nettles are still quite tall!


Activity 1: Taking risk - this activity involved using the Kelly Kettle with Mrs Field.  The children needed to understand how the Kelly Kettle worked, how to keep themselves and their group safe and how to provide energy for the whole group!  Well done to all the children, especially year 4 who were able to build on their fire skills from last year.


Activity 2: Understanding our local environment with Miss Haines - This term the children needs to identify a selection of leaves and seeds, beginning to understand the different types within our environment.   It was slightly more difficult to identify the seeds for a number of species as the autumn harvest arrived earlier this year thanks to a fantastic summer.


Activity 3: Working together with Miss Dallaway - Each group embarked on den building.  The children needed to think about how to construct their den and how they would keep dry should we have rain!  Members needed to work together to enable the moving and positioning of logs to ensure they were safe and their den was a safe place to be. 


Today we went to our forest school site, some of us for the first time!