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Years 5 and 6

10/7/15 - Our final week at Forest School for this term.  This week we have been reminding ourselves of the 3 ingredients to make fire (fuel, oxygen and heat) and practising how to light a fire.  The year 5 and 6 children were able to light 2 fires and make toast.  We had a fantastic afternoon and used individual time to reflect and complete an evaluation of Forest School this term.  Have a look at our pictures below.

Forest School - 19/6/15


This week we began Forest School in the Outside Classroom where we shared a German Myth ‘The Dancing Silver Birch’.  Only half the myth was read to the children before setting off to the airfield.  The children collected resources along the way to replicate images from the story or what they thought might happen next.  We finished our myth over snack.  Have a look at our fantastic work.

12/6/15 - Year 5 & 6 enjoyed their first Forest School of this half term.  We walked from School to Clifton Heath navigating our path along the footpaths.   We were able to follow our walk on the ordnance survey map; each person took a turn in leading our away, make decisions about where and when we needed to turn.  The Heath has changed lots since last year; tree felling has opened up the woodland floor allowing lots of plants to grow.  We also noticed ‘lots’ of spiders - this pleased some more than others!

Forest School week 3: 28/11/14


This week was our final week at our site in Little Wittenham Woods.   We returned to our groups of week one, but of course swapping activities!  This week it was really tricky to make fire, but the group stuck with it and enjoyed the success of their perseverance! Mrs Wake’s group worked hard identifying a number of trees from their silhouette/the patterns of the bark on the branches. 

It was very muddy walking down and back from the site, but we had fun slipping and sliding in the mud!

Forest School week 2: 21/11/14


Today was a different day as it was Takeover Day.  Today, children who had applied for, been interviewed and were successful were appointed positions.  Max became Mrs Wake, Siena and Georgia became Mrs Field and Felix became Mrs Campbell.  Adults played the role of the children and all thoroughly enjoyed the morning’s activities of den building and obstacle course building. 

Forest School Week 1: 17/11/14


Year 5 & 6 are using the site at Wittenham Clumps for there Forest School trips.  Today we split into two groups to complete this week’s challenges.  Group 1 had to identify as many leaves, tress and seeds as possible. They had various ‘keys’ to use: leaf dial, seed identifier and tree silhouettes.  It was tricky to find seeds but me did manage to find a blackberry!  Group 2 needed to light the Kelly kettle to warm water for hot drinks.  It had been very wet through the night and continued to rain during the task, but we stuck with it, serving hot drinks to the whole class!