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Clifton Hampden, Abingdon, OX14 3EE

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Clifton Hampden

Living Our Vision


We provide many specific opportunities for the children to develop their curiosity. To begin this academic year, we had a curiosity day, which involved the whole school going to Oxford Science Centre. Curiosity means:

  • Finding out more.

  • Wanting to do something again and again because you are so interested and curious.

  • Wanting to learn more.

  • Wanting to know what you don’t know.

  • Asking questions.





At Clifton Hampden CE Primary school:

 - Having courage means that we are brave as we meet new experiences and difficult situations. 

 - Courage may mean being firm and standing up for our morals.

 - When we are being courageous, we may have feelings of fear, anxiety or apprehension.

One of the many opportunities and highlights of the year the children experience to develop their courage is the process of Take Over Day. The children in Badgers class, prepare and take part in a formal interview, then plan and deliver a lesson as the member of staff they have selected to be for the day.

As a whole school, in the spring term we take part in a Courageous Acts which is organised by the PTA.  This is an opportunity in which the children set personal challenges to achieve. This can be learning to ride their bike, making their beds without being reminded, a reading or a sport challenge. As an incentive the children can then ask their family for sponsors to achieve it. 



We are an extremely compassionate school community, that are always looking for ways to serve each other and the community we live in. A key strength of Clifton Hampden CE school, is the way in which the children look after each other throughout the school.

Throughout the year, children will have opportunities to think about compassion through different lenses:

  • Noticing a need 
  • Being a good neighbour 
  • Putting on the right attitude 
  • Having courage to care 
  • Coming to the rescue 

We have raised funds to support CHILDREN IN NEED  and the UKRAINIAN APPEAL as our chosen charities.

In June 2023, we launched our first whole school Compassion week. Members and organisations in our community, sent acts of service they needed the children 's help with. This involved cleaning the church, Helping in the village shop, washing a car and garden furniture, watering vegetables in an allotment and helping to run the village coffee morning. Every class in the school was involved.This will be set to return in this new academic year.





We take an active role in supporting the community in which we are a part of.  We currently serve through hosting and participating in events. This includes a Harvest Tea Party, for the older members in Clifton Hampden and Burcot. We have also joined our local church - St Michael's and All Angels  church flower rota. Each year group has a week in which they bring in, arrange and take over the flowers to church, following the church calendar.

 The children, have participated in Radio Oxford's Children In Need launch, which is our chosen school charity by the whole School.




Clifton Hampden, Abingdon, OX14 3EE

01865 407 700