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Clifton Hampden, Abingdon, OX14 3EE

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Clifton Hampden


At Clifton Hampden CE Primary School, we expect the highest possible level of attendance. Our aim is to ensure that all pupils make excellent progress, achieve high levels of attainment and develop positive relationships with both staff and other pupils. This is achievable only when pupils are present for every possible session. Our aim is to work alongside pupils and parents/carers to promote, support and when necessary involve the Local Authority to ensure that each pupil is receiving their education.

The school day begins at 8.45am and we expect parents to help their child to be punctual.

When your children arrives late at school, they miss out on important information.

Your child may also feel embarrassed at having to enter the classroom late.


Minutes late per day during the school year

Is the equivalent of missing:

5 minutes

3.4 days a year

10 minutes

6.9 days a year

15 minutes

10.3 days a year

20 minutes

13.8 days a year

30 minutes

20.7 days a year


If your child arrives after 9 am then they should enter through the school’s kitchen entrance where the office will register your child.

The school expectations are:

  • pupils will attend every day that the school is open
  • if a pupil is absent for any reason the parents/carers will inform the school of the cause before 9.15am
  • in the rare event a parent has not informed the school, a telephone call on the morning of absence will be made by the school office.
  • pupils will arrive at school by 8.45am for registration
  • pupils will not leave the school site without permission and without being accompanied by an authorised adult at all times

Parents/Carers can expect:

  • to be contacted by the school on the first day of absence if no contact has initially been made by the parent
  • the school will acknowledge excellent attendance
  • the school to keep a daily attendance record and inform parents/carers if the pattern of attendance is causing concern
  • the school to receive guidance from the Oxfordshire County Council Attendance Team


 Is My Child too ill for school? Find NHS Guidance here.


 Any Other Absence

If, exceptionally, you know that your child is going to be absent from school for any period of time (even if it is only part of a day) please seek the Headteacher’s authorisation in advance by e-mailing the school office. The Government and the school wish to discourage pupils from missing lessons whenever possible and ask parents to take family holidays during school holidays.

For more information, please read the 'Attendance Policy' which is on the policies section of this website.


Clifton Hampden, Abingdon, OX14 3EE

01865 407 700