Please click on the links below for information regarding the provision for the Thames Bridge Federation for this academic year 2019-2020.


For further information or to make an appointment, please contact Mrs Evans (Culham) or Mrs Robey (Clifton Hampden) via the contact details below.


The staff at Clifton Hampden and Culham Parochial Primary Schools work hard to ensure our schools are open every day, however, we must be prepared for the possibility of snow disruption during the winter months. We are aware that the timings of our decisions to close the schools are critical for parents and carers who need to manage alternative arrangements for their children.

When there is a possibility that the school will have to close early, open late, or not open at all, we assess the following health and safety directives;

  • Can we adequately staff the schools?
  • Can the school sites be made safe?
  • Can the school sites be kept safe for the duration?
  • Can we provide lunchtime meals to children requiring one?
  • While we are not responsible for public highways and pathways outside of school, we will also consider the safety of parents / carers, children and staff traversing to and from our schools.

Our main objective during inclement conditions is to ensure the school sites are safe and adequately staffed.

Whatever the time of day, please be assured that the decision to close the schools is not taken lightly and only after considering many health and safety factors.

If our schools must close, we will inform our parents and carers via Parentmail, we will list our closure on our Federation website we will contact local radio stations Heart FM and BBC Radio Oxford to announce our closure, we will list our closure on the Oxfordshire County Council website

Our parents and carers are advised to keep checking Parentmail for communication during periods of heavy snowfall.