Clifton Hampden CE Primary School

Together we are Curious, Courageous and Compassionate

Clifton Hampden, Abingdon, OX14 3EE

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At Clifton Hampden CE Primary school:

 - Having courage means that we are brave as we meet new experiences and difficult situations. 

 - Courage may mean being firm and standing up for our morals.

 - When we are being courageous, we may have feelings of fear, anxiety or apprehension.

One of the many opportunities and highlights of the year the children experience to develop their courage is the process of Take Over Day. The children in Badgers class, prepare and take part in a formal interview, then plan and deliver a lesson as the member of staff they have selected to be for the day.

As a whole school, we took part in a Courageous Week, in which we learnt about a very courageous lady. Queen Elizabeth II